Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Geoff Johns On Reddit

The day has finally arrived.

Geoff Johns returns to Superman this afternoon.

The mega-star creative team of Johns, Romita Jr., and Janson will take on a Superman character that has been sullied a bit by the New 52. While Greg Pak is doing a great job on Action, the in-continuity character has been through the mill a bit with some serious low-points. Smallville, Superman Unchained, and Adventures of Superman have been wonderful but stand out as being out of continuity.

Johns prior runs on the character have been very good, capturing a classic feel of Superman, bringing it to modern times, but not dipping too deep into darkness. Bizarro World, Last Son, Legion, Brainiac, and Superman:Secret Origins all were great.

And Johns had a wonderful feel for the great supporting cast of Superman, something definitely missing these days.

Over on Reddit, a site I don't usually visit, Johns did an 'Ask Me Anything' column. If you like Johns, it covers all things - from prior runs, to odd characters, to the future of DC, to cereal. Here is the link:

(And thanks to Twitter friend Louis Seymour for pointing me to it.)

In the column, Johns is asked directly about Supergirl and her current relationship with Superman.

At last, an optimistic answer. "Superman and Supergirl will become a support team for one another. Love writing them together ..."

Looks like once again Johns will be called upon to rehabilitate a fractured relationship. Now certainly, the trial by fire Kara is undergoing with the Red Lanterns (by Bedard/Lupacchino and Soule/Sorrentino/Calafiore) is bringing her back bit by bit.

But I shouldn't be surprised that Johns is going to fix things. Because he has done it before.

Way back in 2008, Johns was on Action Comics with Gary Frank. He wrote the Brainiac story, bringing the true Brainiac to Earth, re-introducing him to the DCU.

Part of that arc was Supergirl working closely with Superman, telling him what she knew about Brainiac, steeling herself against fear, and saving the Earth from Brainiac's Solar Aggressor missile. While Joe Kelly's  awful 'Kill Kal-El' run on Supergirl was petering out, Johns brought hope that the cousins could, should, and would work together.

He even erased the 'killer Zor-El' aspect of that Supergirl's history, bring back Argo City and loving parents.

So thank you Geoff Johns for caring about Superman and Supergirl and the super-family. I have high hopes and look forward to reading this run.


Martin Gray said...

This really brought a smile to my face - someone with power at DC wanting the Super-Cousins as friends ,

Supertorresmo said...

Is Superman Unchained really out of continuity? It has some connections to recent events like Clark abandoning the Planet to be a blogger. I thought it was just lagging behind in continuity...

Anonymous said...

Glad to bring this article to your attention Anj, I'm also looking forward to Johns returning to form. Some early feedback from friends online who have read it has been very positive indeed and they say Johns has hit his stride again.

Superterresmo, I think Anj is saying that the series doesn't feel like it fits within the New 52 Universe. I'm sure it does but certain continuity events are out of sync and this is clearly going to be a one off story. It's sad because I've been loving Unchained a lot.

Bartiemus said...

Ha that was my question put me in a good me all day yesterday.

But you guys should join the sub Reddit

/r/DCComics is one of the friendliest places out there on the net.

Jay said...

Probably my favorite thing about this is that Johns seems to kill the idea that Batman's connection to WW was a romantic one. Makes me even more confident in my idea that the connection was fear-based.