Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bits Of Doomed Not Commented On Yet

One of the things that happens when you review a bunch of books and limit yourself to a maximum number of scans per issue is that things you really wanted to talk about get pushed to the side.

Superman:Doomed is big enough that there have been a couple of things that when I first read the issues I wanted to comment on but didn't or forgot or pushed aside.

There have also been a couple of things I hadn't noticed, which commenters on this site pointed out to me which I thought I would share more broadly. Thanks to everyone who chimes in here as I think it helps me see things from a different perspective or get a better grip of some finer points!

So some Bits of Doomed - never before discussed.

The first is the change in cover on Superman/Wonder Woman #9. The originally solicited cover is directly above. On this cover, it looks like Diana and Supergirl are working in tandem, chasing Superman to try to help.

The released cover is at the top of the post with Supergirl now shooting heat vision at Superman. The direction of the beams seems incongruous with Kara's head position and (I think) sully the composition of the cover. And I don't know why Kara needs to constantly be attacking her cousin.

I don't think this was an improvement.

I'd like to thank blog-friend Supertorresmo for pointing out something crucial in Superman/Wonder Woman #9 as well. With Superman pummeling Hessia, Wonder Woman feels compelled to stand up to him. Somehow she is able to match his power despite his being in full Super-Doom mode.

Supertorresmo pointed out that in this battle Diana has removed her gauntlets which makes unleashes her full god power. That explains the different coloring of Wonder Woman here. This is a nice touch as it shows continuity with the Azzarello main title.

I will admit I didn't notice it. An exposition balloon of some type would have been exceedingly helpful.

In Superman #31, we get a glimpse at some of the technology that Shay Veritas has stashed in The Block.

The red waterfall-like object on the far right caught my eye when I read the issue. Veritas talks about these items are from the 'omniverse'. Could this be some sort of small version of the Kryptonian Fire Falls?

As long time readers of this blog know, I am a huge fan of the Fire Falls.

I have covered appearances of the falls in the Silver, Bronze, Modern, and New 52 eras of DC comics. I even mentioned them in the Sterling Gates Man of Steel Prequel comic.

The Falls have been a plot device in the past, even curing Supergirl of a demonic possession. Could they be used here?

Lastly, in Action Comics #32, we see Krypto alive and seemingly well in the Arctic.

Remember, you heard it here first. Krypto surviving exposure to the Doomsday virus will be used in the finale of Doomed.

Okay, that's all the extra bits!

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