Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Joe Staton Commission

This last week has been a brutal work week for me which means elegant new material may be a little light this week. Today I will admit feels like filler.

That said, what I really need is something sunny to brighten things up given how physically and emotionally drained I feel right now.

And what could be sunnier than this Joe Staton commission of Supergirl I got 7 years ago! Hard to believe I haven't posted this one before.

Staton definitely has a 'cartoony' style which works well on some books. He has had a hand drawing some of my personal favorites including the first appearance of Huntress and some of the first solo Power Girl stories. He also drew the New Doom Patrol issues of Showcase, bringing one of my favorite teams back. And he even drew my beloved Legion book for a bit, introducing the League of Super-Assasins and Blok.

Anyways, this commission of Supergirl really has a Silver Age feel to it. This looks like a very young Kara, maybe just bursting from her rocket landing on Earth. And that bright feeling is just what I needed right now.

Hopefully, the days will turn brighter too!


Martin Gray said...

Oh, this is a treat, I love the mischief in Kara's expression.

And may the week speedily improve.

Anonymous said...

Joe Staton could have been the salvation of Supergirl in ye olde Superman Family Dollar Books...he'd a been an order of magnitude improvement over Win Mortimer and Don Heck. Its always been my thesis that Good artwork elevates mediocre writing, Win and Don dragged down the feature as a consequence.


Martin Gray said...

I'll take Win and Don anytime, that wasn't Staton's greatest period - hie LSH stuff was pretty horrible, for one. What the Supergirl strip needed was ambition, rather than cute, entertaining tales that didn;t build Kara up. She was always so much better in guest roles than in her own series.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I don't mind Win Mortimer. But Don Heck is pretty rough.

I do like this piece as something sunnier than many.