Friday, November 29, 2013

IGN DC top 25 DC Heroes

We are nearing the end of 2013 and as a result we are starting to see a number of 'best of' / 'worst of' lists.

Over on IGN, they recently posted their 'Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics' list and happily Supergirl is on the list. Here is the link:

Now obviously these lists are highly subjective. I don't know how this list was created, whether it was vote in the IGN office or the work of one person, or even an on-line poll. But I am always thrilled when Kara gets some recognition.

Supergirl lands at #17 which really makes me happy. Whoever made this list ranked her higher than Cyborg, Hawkgirl, the Atom, and Black Canary! A case could be made for any of those characters to be higher. And there are characters I would put in the top 25 that didn't make this list.

Her paragraph mentions that Supergirl has her own fanbase and isn't just an adjunct to Superman. Hurrah! People know we exist!

And they call her a 'standard to hold other female heroes against'.

Here is the thing, they talk about the prior versions and they say she is a standard. I wish ... wish ... they would have talked about her optimism, heroism, bravery, and youth. I am probably transferring my own thoughts but I could 'feel' those sentiments in the write-up.

You can guess at the top three DC heroes on the list. It is interesting to see Kyle Rayner and Wally West on this list in addition to Barry Allen and Hal Jordan.

Still, with the myriad of DC Heroes out there, I'll take #17.

Review of Superman #25 up tomorrow.


Count Drunkula said...

I don't have a problem with Kara placing higher than Black Canary, as Supergirl is far more iconic and recognizable. I DO have a problem with Swamp Thing placing higher than both of them. There's no need to kiss up to Alan Moore' past work on this book, and prior to the New 52 the character only qualified as "hero" in the sense that he was the protagonist of his own book.

My other problem with the list is Catwoman. Sorry, I'll never consider her a hero. She may not be a villain who slaughters people like Joker or tries to conquer the world like Brainiac, but she does steal things for money. And she doesn't do it out of a Robin Hood-esque redistribution of wealth desire, just a normal selfish desire.

I wouldn't have had Wally and Kyle on my list. I'm really surprised that any list that includes those two wouldn't also have the Tim Drake Robin on it.

Anonymous said...

Glad Kara is in the list, one way or another she deserves it. I was thinking maybe with the redlantern thing she gains the posibility of been in two comics.