Monday, November 4, 2013

Guillem March Supergirl Cover Tease

This one has been floating out there for a while now. Cover artist Guillem March posted this picture on his blog with the name 'Supergirl cover'. Here is the link:

I don't want to sound like a prude but there is something a little unsettling with this picture of Supergirl flying at us crotch-first, her form-fitting trunks clinging to her cheeks.  And this doesn't seem to look like a 17 year old girl either.

Now I know, March is a cheescake artist. But this seems almost too obvious.

It isn't like I completely dislike March's work either. While he has had his share of clunkers (Catwoman #0 being the biggest target), he sometimes knocks it out of the park.

I love this cover from his Gotham City Sirens run.

And this cover for Huntress is really great, the concentric circles in the background give some sense of twirling motion to the staff she is holding.

And one more thing. In looking to the above Supergirl cover, she is floating above the Earth. While the motion sense of the cape makes it look like she is flying away from Earth, what if she is flying towards it? What if DC orients the cover that way.

Okay, it's a crude mock-up. But for some reason this isn't as jarring. Now it feels like she isn't flying towards me for an up-close encounter but away. This upside-down cover also gives a little sense of joy and fun into the character as well.

Anyways, am I overthinking this cover?


GettinJiggly said...


mhr said...

don't like it much.. don't care much for the pose or view angle, nothing to see there, but she does not looks like a 17 years old.

Anonymous said...

Meh looks amateurish as well.


Anonymous said...

Nice face in closeup. Her body is impossibly proportioned for a human being, particularly the ratio between her hips and waist. Just seems a bit over sexualized for a character that's supposed to be 16. But that's DC these days.

Argocub said...

Well like they always say...SEX sells and what better way then to disrespect a great character. But the they prob would have done the same to Jeph Lobe's Supergirl as well.

Thank god I stop reading this crap.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I agree, a little too sexy for a 16 or 17 yr old girl. Especially the face first crotch!

Martin Gray said...

Pretty much any view of that crotch-section is appalling, simply put, the costume is a disaster. I'd love to see Superman in an equivalent costume, like a blue version of Vartox.

I can't see Jenette Khan having let this over-sexualised monstrosity through - why is Diane Nelson allowing the ultra-objectification of what should be one of DC's premiere properties?

AndNowInStereo said...

I have to ask the same question, Martin, if this IS a variant cover. When there's a woman at the top but this kind of crap gets commissioned, you've got to wonder what's going on.

While I could think of a whole list of people who could do a better variant, it's clear March can do better himself. Something like that Huntress cover would have been awesome. I'm no artist, but this looks really lazy to me.