Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rapid Fire Supergirl News

Just a couple of brief news items worth mentioning here. Hope everyone in the states enjoys Labor Day weekend!

Over on Comic Book Resources, Michael May wrote a "Women of Action:Supergirl" column extolling the virtues of the current title. Here is the link:

And here is one of the blurbs I particularly like:

I’m also impressed with how they’re leading into the zero-issue event next month. While Supergirl’s character arc has mostly been about finding her place in the universe, she also has some obvious questions about how she got to Earth and why she has no memory of it. That quest for answers has ramped up in the past couple of issues, and Issue 12 ends with the promise of her finally getting them. That’s quite a nice lead-in to a zero issue that’s editorially mandated to provide an origin story. Rather than taking a break from their ongoing plot, Green, Johnson and Asrar are wrapping the event into it in what promises to be a clean, organic way. It’s just the most recent bit of impressive storytelling on a series that’s already pretty remarkable.

May does a great job pointing out the strengths of the book giving the title some publicity. He is a bit more accepting than me of the 'no English' aspect of the book as well as the current relationship between Kal and Kara. But I think his overall take on the book, of Supergirl's struggles here, is right on the money.

Over on Deviant Art, blog friend Valerie21601 has started a letter writing campaign to try, once again, to spur DC into green-lighting Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade. Here is the link:

I think it speaks to the excellence of this mini-series that there is still buzz about the book 3 years later. Will DC listen to this rally?

Lastly, I can't get enough Mahmud Asrar art and he has been posting his most recent commissions on his blog Creative Differences. There have been too many fantastic ones to post here but this one caught my eye.

Yep, I can never get enough Streaky so to see Asrar's take on Supergirl and her super-cat was too great not to share. Here is the link to that specific page on Asrar's site:

With any luck, I will run into Asrar at a con and will be able to procure a commission.


Anonymous said...

Asrar's art, as always, looks wonderful. I love his take on the previous costume.

Kent G. Hare said...

And it's such a better design as well, although not in any way fitting with the new story. But with Asrar on art and the quality of the writing, no matter what quibbles I've had over the past year, I've been pleased as punch with this book and consider us lucky as all get out.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I do not read many of the new52, but I must say that Supergirl is the only title that seems to be spot-on with how the zero issue will not make a break in the storyline or seem like 22 pages of exposition.

Adam Smasher said...

I recently went back and re-read the past 12 issues, and it works even better taken in one sitting. The pacing fits. I'm glad this has taken its time developing character. I'm glad she didn't just pop on Earth and a few months later she's speaking English and is superhero. Reading it all in one, my enthusiasm for the title has jumped.

valerie21601 said...

@adam I suspect J & G are really writing their stories for the paper back trades, thus is why so much of their Supergirl stories (so far) are so decompressed.

I have read quite a few comments on other blogs and articles recently where people are saying they are reading several issues in one sitting and the story reads so much better in one shot.