Saturday, September 29, 2012

Map Of Krypton

We have been seeing a bit more of Krypton this month what with Supergirl #0 and Superman #0 being primarily set on the planet. We also witnessed the clone uprising in Superboy #0 as well.

With that in mind I thought I would post a Silver Age map of Krypton.

I think it is pretty interesting to see how many of these Kryptonian landmarks and ideas have survived over time, having been utilized in the pre-Crisis world, the Modern Age of comics, and now the New 52.

My favorite landmark on Krypton has to be the Fire Falls. I covered some of the more memorable and recent Fire Fall stories over time on the blog. You can get to those posts here. The Falls have survived all the ages and were just seen in June in Supergirl #10.

Argo City also has had a pretty storied comic history. The concept of Zor-El encasing the city in a shield to survive Krypton's destruction has also survived the various reboots the DCU has gone through.

And even the shrunken city of Kandor in the end has been seen in the Silver Age, Modern Age, and DCnU.

Fort Rozz was seen last in the New Krypton story arc as being a citadel/jail that was flung into the Phantom Zone in its entirety. And the concept of 'weather control towers' was seen just a couple of weeks ago in Superboy #0.

I guess if I am a proud enough geek to have a favorite Kryptonian landmark then I should be proud enough to admit I have a second favorite too. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for the Scarlet Jungle, only because of the great Alan Moore story in DC Comics Presents #85.

I found this map in reprinted Superman Annual #1. The reprint was released in 1998. The original was published in 1960.

Will other parts of historical Krypton be seen in the DCnU?

Does anyone else have a favorite spot on Krypton?


Anonymous said...

I remember that the Flame Falls appeared in one Silver Age Supergirl story where Kara was accidentally turned into a demon with little devil horns on her forehead.To keep her bad side from taking over, she located the Flame Falls floating in space and jumped in to kill the magic. She passed out from the heat but managed to drop out of the falls cured.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Anj, there was a map in a Giant-Size Superman in the early 70s, I don't know if it was a reprint of this one. It was one of the issues just before the Kryptonite No More/Sand Superman arc, so I'm guessing around #230 in 1971.

Martin Gray said...

I always liked the Scarlet Jungle best, because that's where the super-groovy Thought Beasts lived.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

Anon - I reviewed that issue somewhere along the way, probably can be seen if you look up Fire Falls on the site.

Wayne, thanks for the info!

And Mart, I wonder if I should do a Thought Beast flashback now!

Martin Gray said...

I could stand that,Anj. Which reminds me, did you ever see Robby Reed on Krypton, over at Dial B for Blog?

valerie21601 said...

Anj, Off topic a bit but related to comics.

Have you read or heard about controversy about Amethyst?

I haven't read it yet but if true it is very sad. Not a good sign at all. It makes me wonder what the people behind the scenes are thinking.

Will you be making a comment about it in the near future?