Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Best Of" Newsarama Polls

The end of the year is approaching and that means people are starting to put together 'best of' lists. Trust me, I am already putting together my thoughts about the "Top Ten Supergirl Moments of 2010".

Newsarama is doing the same, looking back at 2010, picking their favorites from the comic world, and doing a round robin tournament for a number of categories. In a nice nod to the current Supergirl creative team, both the title and the individual creators all made it into the tournament. If you like the job they have done, please click the links below and vote.

Here is the link for the Ongoing title:

Supergirl drew the 5th seed in the opening round and is going up against a very good American Vampire book. In theory, this means the Newsarama crew thought that Supergirl was the 5th best title on the market last year. How fantastic is that! I think we should vote early and often to get the book through the first round!

But the title couldn't be fantastic without the creators working on the book.

 Sterling Gates was nominated in the 'Favorite Writer' category.

Here is the link for the best writer:

In what is a tough pull, Gates is the 15 seed going up against the juggernaut of Robert Kirkman. In the NCAA College Basketball tourney, 2-15 upsets are exceedingly rare. I am glad that Gates was recognized for the great work that he did this last year, seeing Kara through some tough times.

Jamal Igle has done such wonderful work on the book, so I was happy to see him nominated in the "Favorite Artist" category.

Here is the link:

Igle drew a very high 4 seed in this opening round. Samnee's work on Thor was beloved so I am hoping an upset doesn't happen. Igle really shined this year drawing some very emotional scenes intermixed with high action scenes as well. As for me, I adore the 'Closet of Solitude' splash page. His work was so polished; he deserves the high seed.

And newcomer to the book, Amy Reeder, has done such wonderful eye-catching covers since joining Supergirl. How fantastic that in that short time, her work was noticed. Supergirl #58 was nominated for the 'Favorite Cover" category.

Here is the link for that category:

In what appears to be a grudge match between Supergirl and American Vampire, the two titles square off again. This really is a great angelic pose for Kara, deserving of recognition.

As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

And as a Supergirl fan, it was great to see the title recognized for the high quality it has shown this last year in all phases of the book. Congratulations to Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, and Amy Reeder for being nominated.


Nikki said...

I actually think Amy's first cover with Bizarro Girl coming though the cracked reflections of Supergirl is her best. Not that I don't like the portrait, its just different. One is 'iconic' and the other is 'story'

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased to see that Gates and Igle are nominated for their amazing work. I was organizing my "Supergirl" collection last night and looking at the covers from the last two years. I noticed that Jon Sibal has been the semi-regular inker for most of Igle's issues. So I am curious: do you think Sibal's contributions to the creative team have been overlooked or downplayed? I loved his inking on "Supergirl" and "Superman: Secret Origin."

Kandou Erik said...

I dislike these last-man standing polls. It ivariably pits stranger titles against weaker titles - shoving out real contenders before they can be judged against the other winners. It just doesn't seem very accurate.

Mart said...

I don't actually understand these type of polls! 'Seeds'? That's tennis talk yes? It sounds like a balloon game, and I never get how it's decided who goes up against whom in those. I like open votes!

Anj said...

Thanks for all the posts.

Back when Sibal took over for Keith Champagne, I complimented him. His inks just seemed to be crisper. So I do think he isn't talked about enough.

I also like other of Reeder's cover more. I like the yin/yang one with BizarroGirl. But this one might have more universal appeal.

'Seeds' is a tennis term, although I use it more for college basketball. While I think a straight vote is more direct, this is a more fun approach. There is something cool about the 'head to head' nature of the poll even if it leads to 'apples and oranges' comparisons.

Looks like Gates lost in the first round. Igle is in a dogfight for artist as well.