Monday, October 13, 2008

Final Destination of the Frank Cho Supergirl

Kudos to comic book fans everywhere who helped saved Jerry Siegel's childhood home by donating at The total dollars collected was twice the goal.

As you may recall the above piece of art by Frank Cho was one of the many excellent items up for auction to raise money and went for a hefty $7500.

Well, I had wondered who exactly ended up with such a great piece of art and Newsarama had the answers. Here is the link about Robert Erwin who works at Pi Studios, a computer game company:

He bought a bunch of stuff and is giving most of it to his employees. Here is a quick blurb.

I was already impressed with Robert Erwin for being the no-one-even-came-close biggest booster of the auction. He just about saved the house himself with almost $50,000 on the biggest items.

So I contacted him to see what he was going to do with all the fantastic art and special items he won and was blown away. Why?

He's giving them to friends and his employees at Pi Studios in Houston, a computer game software development company.

The one piece Erwin is keeping for himself is the Supergirl drawing by Frank Cho ($7,500.) "I'm a big fan of Frank Cho," he said. "I think Frank is one of the most talented artists in the industry. I love Liberty Meadows, and all Frank's work. I have a Ms. Marvel piece he did that looks exactly like my ex-girlfriend."

Now if I had a spare $7500, I might have thought about bidding. No chance of that though. Glad it went to a fan!

I did have a spare $20 and got this nifty mug.

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TalOs said...

My sincerest congrats on being able to save this historical land mark in question thank God ah!

Oh and that is a real nice souvenir you got yourself there at that, anj! :D