Thursday, November 2, 2023

Black Orchid Thursday: Quarter Bin Podcast - Black Orchid #1

I recently was a guest on the excellent Quarter Bin Podcast to discuss the first issue of Neil Gaiman's Black Orchid mini-series from 1988.

Folks should head there to listen to the episode if interested:

Back in 2022, I did a deep dive into the pre-Crisis Black Orchid and touched upon the Vertigo series. I have included at the top of this post the Jenette Kahn Publishorial discussing her recruiting Neil Gaiman to DC and his pitch for the Black Orchid series. 

I am pretty proud of this podcast as I get to talk with Professor Alan about this book, the character and her history, and the Gaiman/McKean creative team. Hope people give it a listen.

And I'll say that Professor Alan has a number of fun comic-based podcasts and all his stuff is worth listening to. 

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Martin Gray said...

It’s a great show and you did yourself proud! It prompted me to reread that first special and there are at least two references to super-people… I wonder if Neil Gaiman was playing with the Supergirl theory.