Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Mark Waid On World's Finest Supergirl

I recently reviewed World's Finest #18 on the site. This is a flashback story, looking further back in time than the usual 'recent past' time this book lives in.

Given Superman's dialogue of being the only Kryptonian on Earth, I set this book pretty early, before even Supergirl arrived on the planet.

But then I remembered that in the Silver and Bronze Age, Supergirl was put in an orphanage by Superman. She was even told to hide her powers so she could be exploited as a 'secret weapon'. 

So maybe she is on Earth. It's just she hasn't been revealed yet.

No way to know but to ask Mark Waid himself. And, amazingly, he answered.

So this is before Supergirl arrived.

How crazy is it that Waid has a story in mind to reimagine the Supergirl origin. Now she hasn't been put in an orphanage since post Crisis on Infinite Earths. The New 52 Supergirl came to Earth and split from Superman. And the Rebirth Supergirl was placed with the DEO Danvers.

But this sounds more of a Silver Age remix. She is young enough when she comes to Earth to need some guardians. And it is the Danvers.

This makes me happy. I love when Waid writes Supergirl. I can only hope this story is going to find print one day and isn't just a kernel in his head.

I also find it interesting that Waid doesn't think she was ever in an orphanage given this burn from World's Finest #8. After all, this was such a perfect moment it was the #1 Supergirl Moment of 2022 .

Here's hoping that Waid gets either a Supergirl special or mini of his own. Or that she continues to find moments to shine in World's Finest.

The Danvers!


Martin Gray said...

I’m optimistic too.

My problem with Mark saying that the orphanage business was an in-joke is that if Kara’s Midvale stay didn’t happen in this continuity, why is Supergirl standing there like that making a sarcastic comment?

William Ashley Vaughan said...

Waid sounded pretty definite about doing the Supergirl meets the Danvers story. Maybe DC gave him permission to do a World's Finest Supergirl mini series after the World's Finest Teen Titans mini series ends in four issues.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Great that Mark Waid answered!

While he has rejected the idea that Supergirl spent any time at all in Midvale Orphanage, I'd be curious to know his thoughts on Kara as Superman's "Secret Emergency Weapon". Kara/Linda may have been with the Danvers from the git go, but did she, at Superman's request still keep her existence a secret from the world at large? Action Comics #285 was such a great moment for her, I'd hate to lose it completely.

I can see Superman placing Kara in Midvale Orphanage temporarily (maybe a month at the most) while he and Batman worked things out with the Danvers.

Anj said...

I'd love a Waid SG book! Even a mini!

And yes, Action 285 is a huge event that I'd love to keep somewhere in semi-continuity!

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how you can shoehorn today's Supergirl in with Fred and Edna Danvers' and make it seem credible...but if anyone can, it has to be Mark Waid. I'd be intensely curious to see how he connects those dots...if indeed they can be connected.