Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Frank Cho Cover Girls Of The DCU Supergirl Statue

It has been quite some time since I have purchased anything for the Supergirl shrine I have. For one, I have no room on my current shelves for anything new. Plus, with the dismantling of DC Direct, it has felt like Supergirl merchandise has sort of slowed down. 

One item that has been on my radar for a while has been the DC Cover Girls statue designed by Frank Cho. I have always liked Cho's art. He doesn't draw Supergirl often so this had a lot of appeal.

This last June was something of a monumental one for me for a couple of reasons so I decided I needed a little gift to myself. And when I saw the statue on sale for 50% off at Big Bad Toy Store, I jumped. 

I love this statue.

The box is pretty slick with close-ups of the statue as well as a full figure shot.

But I honestly don't get excited about the box. 

So onto the statue itself.

Here it is in it's glory.

A smiling, happy Supergirl flying. So much to love here.

One you have to make the decision on how you display ... logo parallel to shelf edge? If you chose this, Supergirl is flying at an angle, sort of aiming to her left to fly off.

I love her body positioning, head turned, hair flying, smiling. Love her arms down and out, legs in a sort of an elegant ballet pose. 

This is a silver age costume with blue skirt. 

But that is definitely a Bronze Age logo, starting in the Adventure Comics run. I love it. That logo isn't used enough. And it is perfect for this statue and costume.

You can face the stature towards you S-shield first. The logo is at an angle.

Cho obviously has a handle on the female form. This statue is just gorgeous.

There is plenty of detail in the cascading blonde hair  from the back. The cape has a fair amount of folds. But no yellow S-shield on the cape. The one slight drawback.

Eventually I'll redo the Shrine and take a pic of the entire collection. This is a great addition!


H said...

That's really nice- it almost looks like she's skipping through a field of flowers. I don't think Kara ever did that but I could see her doing it. Frank Cho knows how to draw the female form, I can say that for sure.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Congratulation, it's a great statue. Supergirl looks so happy. I think this one was released just before DC Direct was shut down.

The end of the Supergirl TV show is probably another reason for the slow down in Supergirl merchandise. When the show was in production, it seems that everybody was putting out Supergirl products. Since then, not so much. There's an action figure of the Sasha Calle portrayal (by McFarlane Toys) as well as a POP figure of the same, but that's about all.

SG Fan said...

It looks great, interesting they've got that different Supergirl logo, but yeah a cool find there Anj.

Anonymous said...

Great statue! But I have some questions, do you plan to do reviews, comments, watch the cartoon "My Adventures With Superman"?

And you only review Superman comics? No chance of other current Waid comics? Do you read comics other than the ones you review?

And if you had to answer the questions in this thread regarding your opinions of supergirl, I'll admit I'm curious what you would answer in those questions

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

Anon -
I review Superman books/Legion books/ and other stuff. But usually try to keep the focus on the super family.

Probably won't review the Adventures show unless Supergirl shows up.

Thanks for checking out the site!

Anonymous said...

Supposedly a "Kara Zor E" Voice has been cast on "My Advntures with Superman", one Kiana Madeira, although it may be a one off thing I dunno.