Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Mike Maihack's 2022 Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas Comic

Every year Mike Maihack gives us a Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas comic and it is always a delight.

Maihack seems to get the essence of both characters. Supergirl is joyous, fun, creative, and bright. Batgirl is a little tight, a little buttoned up, maybe a little suppressed as she tries to remain in serious bat mode.

This year's comic is another wonderful entry. I mean, it starts out with Supergirl helping Santa deliver presents. Utterly fantastic. Supergirl would help Santa. Heck, Supergirl should help Santa.

But then the punchline is priceless. Even though Santa has 'sight beyond sight' for Christmas presents, he still can't come up with something for Babs. 

Supergirl's reaction ... perplexed that even Kris Kringle can't pierce the Babs veil ... is just fantastic. 

I am always thrilled when Maihack gives us another comic. This is always a Christmas gift I love.


H said...

No, that's exactly what Babs wanted to get- the gift of making her own choices. I'm the exact same way- I asked for a gift card myself. They're great presents, and I don't get why people are usually so down on giving them.

Great comic though- Mike Maihack never disappoints. Very cute that Streaky has a matching costume.

Anonymous said...

Maihack ought to get a Babs/Kara mini, I’d buy that in a New York Minute.