Thursday, October 6, 2022

Superman Family At NYCC

Hat tip to blog friend Mart Gray for sending me to Bleeding Cool to see this image and learn about the Superman panel being done this weekend at NYCC. Here is a link to the story:

Now the Bleeding Cool article seems to focus a lot on the lack of capes. But there is more to glean here. 

First off, the art looks like Dan Mora. So no complaints there. 
But lets take a little deeper dive, Let's start out with red and black shoulder s-shields they all are wearing? Nice way of showing immediately that this is a team, a family.

The Breakdown of each costume is pretty interesting too.

There is something about the shield in the field of red that extends to the shoulders that gives it the feel of the Crisis-era costume. But I front zipper and the darker blue sleeves and the jacket aesthetic that also gives a hint of the Gotham City Garage. And it definitely riffs on the Dan Mora costume from World's Finest.

There is no denying the power, majesty, happiness, and confidence in this one pose though. I love it.

Bring this on! And give us a Supergirl solo title!

How about Thao-La (or maybe is that Natasha as Mart Gray thinks)? Well she is now in the family and maybe will adopt the Supergirl moniker. Or it is Nat staking a claim to a spot.

A black and red hoodie with the S-shield? Feels a lot like Kara's stealth suit in the awkward Andreyko run. Maybe they'll even bring up how that suit could store up yellow sun energy, perhaps as a way to keep Thao stable? Or a way for Nat to more firmly cement her place in the family?

Always worth it to look back at Jorge Jimenez's designs.

I like it, especially if they call back to Kara's suit. I love continuity nods.

I think Jon, with his high collar and bold red flavor felt a little bit like the Tron-like outfit we saw the New 52 Superboy sport.

But the real thing that stuck out was the very stylized S-shield. I looks a lot like the El crest the New 52 Kara sported.

Now maybe I am looking to deep but it would be great if that is also mentioned. Maybe Jon likes her style?

Throw in Connor and Kenan and I am a happy man. DC ... give us a Superman Family book!!

Here are the details of the Superman NYCC panel. If anyone is going, please share details when it's done!

Superman Saturday, October 8
DC's Superman
Date/Time: Saturday, October 8 at 1:45 p.m. ET
Location: 406.1
This November marks the 30th Anniversary of The Death of Superman, at a moment when DC's Superman story is more dynamic than ever. Writers Dan Jurgens (The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary), Joshua Williamson (Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths), Mark Russell (Superman: Space Age) and Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) are joined by moderator Alex Segura (Superman: Kal-El Returns), to share what's comings up for the iconic Super Hero in 2023. Guests: Josh Williamson, Alex Segura, Mark Russell, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Jurgens


Martin Gray said...

That new costume for Kara is such an improvement on the post-Woman of Tomorrow look, being a nicer blend of the classic colours. I can’t imagine it’ll be cape-less for long; meanwhile, yep, Kara looks fantastic with the return of longer hair, and that smile. It reminds me of peak Bronze Age Supergirl, confident in her own skin.

Surely a Supergirl series is on the way - maybe in a new Superman Family book?

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Could DC put together a decent Supergirl solo title? After the Andreyko run, the infected storyline, Future State and Woman of Tomorrow, I doubt it. With the right writer it could work, but DC management has some kooky ideas about who and what Supergirl should be, and has had them for some time.

Looking at those costumes, I can't help but be reminded of the old Paul Anka song "Put Some Red on My Shoulders" or something like that. I like Kara's costume, though I prefer a skirt to pants. Heck, why not give Kara a closet full of Super costumes to pick from?

I could be wrong, but wasn't it the blue costume that could store up yellow sun energy (something Tom King ignored in his series)? Or did all of those costumes have that property?

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like they are trying to make Supergirl look more like Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, which is par for the course for DC, they either make bad creative decisions or they just imitate Marvel. Why not turn her green and make her a lawyer who breaks down the fourth wall all the time? I guess that will be 2023’s startling change…and the red s icon on a field if red is…not a good design choice, the motif us obscured.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are also bringing back Powergirl pretty big. Would love a team up book between Kara and Karen!