Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Black Orchid Wednesday: Pop Figure

Last November, I stumbled across the Black Orchid story where she supposedly uses X-rays to reprogram a crime computer.  It lit a little creative fire in me to hunt down the rest of the Orchid's pre-Crisis stories and look at them through the prism of a fan theory that she was actually Supergirl in disguise.

I have really loved this side adventure as the stories are top notch, moody, mysterious, and always beautiful. It was also educational as I learned that Black Orchid only had 15 pre-Crisis appearances, one of which was in Super Friends #31, the other as a sort of humor addition to the Blue Devil Summer Fun Annual #1

Yes, since that time her presence has grown in Suicide Squad, her own Vertigo title, and Justice League Dark. But back then, and I'd say even now, she is a minor character.

So imagine my surprise when last Earth Day, April 22, Walmart released a Black Orchid Exclusive fun pop. 

I was thrilled when I heard about it. And I thought maybe just maybe someone saw my coverage here and it gave them the idea. I mean, is anyone else covering her right now?

It is a fun and really gorgeous little figure, 'flying' on her clear plastic stand with her wings and boots covered in the lovely mosaic pattern of her Seventies adventures. I just love her.

A big thanks to Isamu Yukinori who found this figure for me and sent it my way as a present. Truly generous!

I think there is one more Black Orchid post brewing in my head but it might take some time to put together. So until then, a question for those reading this. Do I display this figure in my Supergirl collection?

Thanks again Isamu!


Martin Gray said...

That is so cute, Isamu is such a lovely guy.

Anonymous said...

Definitely display it in your Supergirl collection, we need to take over the narrative from the Kara haters & killers...if fan noise can “Restore the Snyder Cut”, we can turn Black Orchid into “Supergirl’s Bronze Age Cosplay Side Hustle...”