Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Who's Who XVIII - The Privateer

In my quest to review the history of Mark Shaw as (hopefully) the sequel to Event Leviathan is around the corner, I recently showcased his story in the Justice League of America comics from the late 1970's. 

Within a year, writer Steve Englehart and artist Dick Dillin had rolled the Jack Kirby 1st Issue Special Manhunter idea into Green Lantern mythology. He then re-introduced Shaw as the Privateer only to have him turn villain.

That was 1977!

So where did he turn up next?

Well, in Who's Who, the Definitive Handbook of the DC Universe.

For 9 years Shaw stayed in comic limbo.

And even when he showed up, it was only as an entry in this, not a story. The art is by Stan Woch and is a decent representation of the Privateer identity. I do like that the surprint shows us Shaw in his Manhunter gear as well as the Star-Tsar.

It wouldn't be until Millennium in late 1987 that Shaw shows up again, predominantly in Suicide Squad and then his own book. 

No surprise it is Millennium we see him again. It is, after all, a Steve Englehart story about Manhunters. I'll be looking at Shaw's Secret Origin one more time as well as his time on the Suicide Squad.

But as I dive in so much of Event Leviathan begins making sense. His speech pattern. His claiming to be a hero. His hatred of secrets (maybe hitting too close to home?). His talk with Plastic Man. 

This has been fascinating and I think I have just started peel back the onion.


Martin Gray said...

I do hope you’re linking Mr Bendis up with these posts!

What was the last we heard of the Leviathan book starring that very special agent? Postponed indefinitely?

H said...

I forgot that he had an entry in Who's Who. That may very well be how he got into Suicide Squad, since John Ostrander found Deadshot and couple others by going through Who's Who for obscure characters.

Anonymous said...

DC has solicited a Who's Who hardcover omnibus - on sale 5/14/21, 1,320 pages for $150.00.

I'll probably *not* get it! That's a big, heavy, expensive book.

It will contain:

Who's Who 1987 1-26
Plus 1987 updates 1-5
Plus 1988 updates 1-4
Plus material from a dozen 1989 annuals.

I'm waiting for the Anj tribute character too, and wonder if/when the next Leviathan will be published.

Also, who isn't interested in what Bendis will be working on next? That DC is "reviewing" its exclusive contracts, and reducing page count pay, is troubling.

So many books were cancelled or ended recently that it's possible DC's pruning is actually FINISHED. I can count around 20 books that were cancelled in 2020, plus the whole Joe Hill endeavor has apparently ended, and The Last God is ending (don't know if it is ending earlier than expected).

I also think Legion of Super-Heroes is on the verge of ending, sadly. The December solicit sounds final to me, as it concludes with "Long live the Legion!"