Thursday, August 13, 2020

Supergirl Season 6 Poster

With the pandemic impacting comic book conventions everywhere, DC Comics announced  DC FANDOME , an on-line convention-like experience.  For 24 hours, there will be announcements, interviews, and general fun.

Part of the experience is interaction with cast members from the CW DC shows. This has included the creation of 'posters' for the characters which also lean into their comic book histories.

While Melissa Benoist is not one of the announced guests, Supergirl did get her own poster.

As usual, Benoist is simply perfect as Supergirl, ready to fight against injustice.
The overall color of the poster background is yellow. Of course, the supers always sport the primary colors. And this is dazzling, having Supergirl really stand out. It also blends nicely with the other posters I have seen of Dreamer and Iris West.

The background is also interesting from a comic point of view ...

The main image is pulled from Action Comics #700.

That's Superman trying to save Lois and Jimmy from a falling Daily Planet globe. Interesting that Jimmy is seen on the poster. This is not the Jimmy from the show.

As for the rest of the images, they are pulled from the Marc Andreyko run, around issue #28 when Kara was teaming with the Omega Men.

Interesting that Ryand'r has such a big picture on the poster unless that is a hint about some upcoming plot. 

It also is interesting that the Supergirl images show her scratched and bruised. Perhaps it is to show how far she'll go in her battle against evil? It mirrors the determined look on Benoist as well. I liked Eddie Pansica's work on the book, so no complaints.

So what do you think of the poster?


Anonymous said...

Hello from a french fan of supergirl,

I like the poster, supergirl is ferocious but there is a but.

This is Ryand'r, i didn't know this character at all before seeing him on supergirl. But, promoting a heroine who is forcibly kissed : that doesn't work for me.

After, the star Melissa Benoist teased a slow romance between supergirl and William.
So, i'am waiting fo wonder woman 1984 to have a healthy romance.

Anonymous said...

I love the poster, it looks amazing and the pose is great. I am not sure if the show needs any more characters period. It's too crowded already. I am hoping the show will lean towards Argo more this season.

KET said...

Jesse Rath seemed to tease at the virtual WizardWorld panel discussion that the SG writers might be bringing in some new Legion lore into the series next season....of course, 'next season' might as well be in the 31st Century, since BC film and TV production is still a couple of months out, at best right now...still could get further delayed if things in the province get worse again.

BTW, there's several new Season Six poster for Supergirl that have appeared in the last two days...including one of Mon-El. Might be an omen. :)


Martin Gray said...

The poster is striking but it’s a shame all the comic book images are of angry Supergirl.

Anonymous said...

Good Old Melissa, I dislike the bangs but they accentuate her "I Mean It" Look...


Anonymous said...

i just made my dc fandome schedule and there is not a supergirl panel for the show. there is supergirl content and david harewood and nicole maines are on a panel but it is not a supergirl panel

Anonymous said...

Why would "DC FanDoom" have a "Supergirl Panel"? They aren't publishing her comics anymore, clearly all they do is cash the checks derived from licensing her appearances in cartoons and TV as well as various products. A panel dedicated to "Cashing Checks derived from the Supergirl Trademark"likely would not garner much interest.