Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Death Metal Supergirl By Artgerm

By now this news is everywhere, including the comment section of this very blog.

But the Artgerm variant cover for Death Metal #3 is of Supergirl.,

And it is a very powerful looking, very determined appearing Kara. It is a stunning image.

I also think that the flames and the way her hair looks like fire can't help but bring up thoughts of the Linda Danvers flame winged Supergirl. So it feels a little nostalgic.

Now I have been staying away from Death Metal. I honestly have no interest in it.

But will I cave and buy this variant?


Just beautiful.


Bostondreams said...

This is stunning. I hope it means she has a significant role in the series...perhaps pulling her cousin out of his anti-life brainwashing....

Anonymous said...

Great ... her comic is no longer published, Supergirl is now a misfit fugitive but golly gee whiz looky at the Artgem Variant isn't it keen???

I hate DC Comics, and I want my money back, this has been a horrific customer service experience for 49 years...


Anonymous said...

Derrick Chew's Supergirl covers were approximately as good. If they think they can sell this one, why not Supergirl's own book?

Anyway, order deadline for that one was yesterday - 2 weeks earlier than the deadline for other titles arriving 8/11. The main cover has embossed foil, which is probably why they need the extra lead time. The variants are just card stock covers and shouldn't really need so much time, but I guess they schedule them together.

While I pre-ordered it, things are a bit confusing now as most retailers just switched to the new DC distributors. The retailers have to order differently than they did with Diamond, so I hope it goes smoothly.

I decided issue #1 of this series was clever enough. It seems this story really IS going to reset the DCU, as opposed to just lead to the next mini which will lead to the next mini for the rest of our lives. That said, a new status quo could mean a new take on Supergirl.

While Artgerm's Supergirl covers have never related to the stories inside, this looks like a Supergirl confidently in charge of her faculties.