Thursday, April 16, 2020

Bendis Tweets About Supergirl

The recent past has not been good for Supergirl.

She was sent into space to investigate Rogol Zaar. She became an axe wielding, rage fueled brawler. Thank goodness Krypto was there. This isn't Supergirl.

She returned home and reclaimed her role as the beloved hero of National City for one issue.

Then she was infected by the Batman Who Laughs and became this mockery of the character, a  Heavy Metal, clawed demon interested in infecting the world in order to save them. This isn't Supergirl either.

No surprise. Supergirl's title was canceled.

Once that announcement came out, along with the issue solicit which described Supergirl as being on the run from the American military, I began to wonder. What will become of Supergirl?

Will she be turned into a villain, embittered by her fugitive status?
Will she simply disappear from the DCU, ostensibly 'in hiding'?
Will her fans not see her?
Will her fans have to wait for some sort of reboot? Or wait some months for the property to be deemed safe again to start up?

I really started to worry that I might not see my favorite character for some time, in a sort of comic limbo because her character was dragged through the mud, becoming unrecognizable, and ultimately creatively toxic.

I posed the question on Twitter'

And Brian Michael Bendis answered!

It seems Kara fans won't have to wait too long.

Supergirl is 'front and center' in upcoming issues of Action Comics!
And she'll be in some DEO flashbacks in Superman!

I have been impressed with how Bendis has written Supergirl. So I have some faith that these will be good stories for Supergirl. Maybe redemption is around the corner.

At the very least, Supergirl won't be stuck in limbo. She'll be present.

Thankful fan here.


Anonymous said...

Hello from a french fan of Supergirl,

It was the good news of the week, i can't wait to read.

She'll be in DEO flashbachs, hers adoptives parents Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers too ?

Anonymous said...

I agree he has written her well. Several times he's used the hashtag #supermishpuchah on Instagram (his mashup with the Yiddish word for family). He sees the Els as a loving family.

Glad you reached out to him.


Martin Gray said...

Good work, Anj. Supergirl for Wonder Comics!

Anonymous said...

Now there's a thought. Everyone else is in Young Justice, so why not Supergirl?

On the other hand, Ben Rubel was working with the much older Titans. But maybe they thought of him as their young tech nerd.

Is Supergirl too young for Titans, or Teen Titans? Is she the age of Young Justice? Maybe. Back in 2010 she and Stephanie Brown were buddies. In the 2005 series, she was buddies with Cassie Sandsmark. (And even Linda Danvers was once buddies with Superboy.) But I think at times, Kara teamed up with Teen Titans, and was even in Justice League United for a year. And the Red Lantern Corps, and I sure don't think of kids when I think of Red Lanterns.

I guess the teams don't have clearcut age delineations.


Martin Gray said...

We don’t have to worry about age, it’s not like she’s not been de-aged previously in a soft rebooted! Remember Daring New Adventures of Supergirl, that had her reset at 19 after being in at least her early-20s.

Anonymous said...

I think at this point, with the proliferation of super groups in the DCU that it has to be a settled editorial policy that Supergirl Must Not Have a Team Affiliation. Young Justice, the Titans, the JLA the G-D Legion???!!! C'mon there has to be an honorable berth for her somewhere? Its all due to the writers endlessly rebooting and reconfiguring the character, Creatives on Team Books don't dare lobby for Supergirl's inclusion because at any one time she could be an outright villainess, rage addict or depowered wanderer....

I love DCU Characters, but I have come to Hate DC Comics the Corporation, they do everything wrong and have contempt for the fans.


Anj said...

On a different twitter conversation, BMB said he thought Young Justice would respect and admire her. Seems he thinks she might be too old for them.

I wouldn't mind Titans under the right creator.


Anonymous said...

Supergirl is 16, maybe 17 now.
What age are Young Justice now? They don't feel much younger. Having said that, I dont think Young Justice is a good fit. She belongs with the Legion.

Anonymous said...

or Justice League... but DC doesn't do much females in Justice League

Anonymous said...

Also... as long as team clowndark is in charge, she is a bad fit for the JL.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

This is welcome news, although with the current situation, it may be awhile before we see new comics. Hopefully, the wait won't be too long.

I'd like to see Supergirl appear in Titans or Young Justice, but I agree that the Legion seems like the best choice.

Anonymous said...

I Still feel that legion is the right place for her. DC obviously doesn't want her to shadow Superman in any way. So the solution is just right there, just send her with the legion for the time being. I will give anything for a legion and Supergirl book. That's her team, that's where she belongs.

PS- I don't care about Jon, I never did. So if he just gets stuck in the phantom zone, I am sure he will oblige many.