Monday, December 30, 2019

Supergirl Best Of 2019: Non-Comic Stuff

Hi all!

Hard to believe but I am about to embark on my 11th end of year analysis of all things Supergirl at this site! I have been doing this for some time! As always I can't thank the audience that comes here enough! Without the interaction on the site, this would be a dull business. I have made so many friends here. Thanks again!

In a bit of housekeeping, I'll just say that 2019 has been a bit tumultuous for me personally n case folks didn't notice the blip in social media presence in October and November. But things are looking up. I am in a better place mentally as I transition to a single life. So thanks for sticking with me and for all the well wishes that came my way as I hinted at the upheaval on Twitter and here.

Anyways, we are here to look back at the year for Supergirl and as usual I will start with a look back at the non-comic happenings for our favorite Girl of Steel. Tomorrow I'll give my Honorable Mentions for the 2019 best comic moments. And then on New Year's day I'll post my Top Ten 2019 best comic moments.

Overall, 2019 was another good year for Supergirl and from a non-comic viewpoint, it starts with the show.

In the beginning of 2019, we saw the end of the fourth season of the show. While the season started a bit shakily, it really stuck the landing. By bringing in an incredible Lex Luthor, somehow played to full intensity by Jon Cryer, the whole season ended with a whirlwind of activity and energy.

The slogging plotlines of Agent Liberty and Red Daughter all rolled into each other in great ways. We had wonderful flashback episodes looking into tying the events of the season together coherently. And, of course, the exclamation point was Lena shooting Lex in the chest who then revealed Kara's secret identity.

I mean it, the beginning part of the season four seemed like it was walking through molasses. But the last 5 episode just exploded. So nothing to complain about there.

This season has been incredible as well.

The opening half with Malefic and Lena's turn has maintained the momentum of last season, churning through some plotlines so rapidly that I didn't have time to say 'decompressed storytelling'.

And, of course, we are halfway through a spectacular live action take on Crisis on Infinite Earths. Supergirl being named a Paragon of Hope? Excellent. As a main player in this crossover? Perfect. And as most likely landing on the one remaining CW Earth? Wonderful.

Heck, we even got Sterling Gates' motto of Hope, Help, and Compassion for All in the show again.


So the show is firing on all cylinders.

But that's not all folks! Not by a long shot!

A new DC Superhero Girls was introduced, spearheaded by Lauren Faust.

In essence, it's Super Best Friends Forever 2.0, a sort of mashup of DC Superhero Girls, SBFFs, and My Little Pony.

But the Supergirl in the show is a wonderful mix of irascible, quick to action, and lunacy. I love her.

And the action shots of her are so stylized. Love it.

We also got Supergirl as the star of her own children's book, teaching about patience.

This sweet take on Supergirl letting life happen without stress was cute. And it taught me, a rather impatient person, some valuable lessons.

And now some personal, noncomic stuff.

The Shrine grew a little with a few new statues and action figures added. A couple of these came as gifts from generous friends!

Perhaps the biggest coup was stumbling onto a Supergirl Slurpee cup, finding one in pretty decent shape and cheap!

My commission grabs this year were a bit leaner than usual. But quality certainly was high.

At this year's Terrificon I obtained a second Daniel Brereton Supergirl sketch, one by Dan Jurgens, and one by Colleen Doran.

They all are tremendous pieces. I was thrilled.

And while not specifically Supergirl related, I did meet a ton of creators at conventions and chatted them up about Supergirl. I continued to gather signatures on my main 'jam piece' signature issues. Dan Jurgens signed Action Comics #1000. And I added Becky Cloonan to my Harley Quinn #0.

Perhaps best of all was meeting so many social media friends this year at conventions. Rob Kelly, the Irredeemable Shag, the Sutherlands, Keith G Baker, Derek Crabbe, Tim Price, Ward Hill Terry, and Diabolu Frank all were in Boston last summer. It was great to meet all these friends in person!

So what did you guys all think about 2019 for Supergirl outside of comics?


Martin Gray said...

Congratulations on another great year for the shrine, and here's to a really calm 2020 for you and yours. I've not seen any of the new Supergirl season yet, fingers crossed they've not ruined Lena along with costume!

John (somewhere in England) said...

Thanks for another year of quality blogging and Very Best Wishes for 2020!

KET said...

Pretty much concur on the television representation front...The CW/Arrowverse series continues to build its Super universe in various intriguing ways. Writing keeps sharpening its focus towards the topical, and new cast additions are proving to be solid choices for more memorable story fodder for months to come. Showrunners also seem adept at keeping buzz going, with the new costume, and possible new alliances (such as Batwoman).

And the revised DC Super Hero Girls show shepherded by Lauren Faust continues to tweak all those old comics and teen high school tropes into some often hilarious situations and storylines. I particularly enjoyed the recent one in which Supergirl pretends she's dead by donning a Power Girl outfit and claiming she's from Earth 2 instead.


Anonymous said...

I'm resolved to end the year on a hopeful note, I'm grateful that a Supergirl TV show has perpetuated itself to 100 episodes (top that Lynda Carter!), I grateful that Supergirl has a good solid platform in cartoon form as well. If the floppy aggravates and appalls, well what else is new? Nowadays she populates every DC logo it seems and is making money across the board. Its a far cry from the character whose name couldn't be uttered with out sanctions in 1986.

Happy New Year


Anj said...

Thanks for comments!