Thursday, March 7, 2019

DCSHG: Get To Know Supergirl

The premiere of the DC Superhero Girls reboot is happening tomorrow!

My interest has been growing as I see more and more of the shorts that have been released on-line. The latest Supergirl specific short was released last week and is a blast. Here is the link:

Again, this is a much different take on Supergirl than the prior DCSHG version. And I think one of the aspects of this show is to take a personality quirk and amp it up to 11. Supergirl is the rebel of the group. So that is going to be THE aspect we get.

Now some of what they show resonates a bit in the comic character's history. So I am willing to give this very proactive, punch first Supergirl the benefit of the doubt.

We start out with the whole theme song.

"When the super-me become the super-we."
"Crushing it side by side."

Clearly mutual support and friendship are key themes here. After all, friendship is magic!

I do love the Supergirl scene of her swinging her fist so quick we get after images. Very Mort Meskin!

In the year book, she won 'most likely to become a rock star". There is that rebel rocker girl we saw.

But check out other students! Lois! Barry! Hal!

Superman is in the cartoon, but sort of in the Silver Age stern hero. We see him say that she has a lot to learn, shooting her an angry look. That is the guy who would exile her from Earth in the early Action Comics stories.

At least she isn't taking it like that timid Supergirl. She shoots back that she potty trained him on Krypton.

And it drives her crazy that he gets 'all the credit'.

I guess she isn't worried about her secret identity. But this degree of anger about her cousin is the only part of this pitch that hasn't set well with me. I like them being family, working together.

This is fiery rage.

She is described as the muscle of the group, first into battle.

Nice shot of her trying to hold back a meteor here!

She also is first to crack a joke.

It is clear that her humor pattern is sarcasm or snark. I can appreciate that. But I hope that we see that friendship shine through. Buddies know I can be sarcastic and be a great friend too.

I am really starting to love her look too. Especially that wild hair!

Again we hear about her tough exterior and her soft side.

But check out this scene where she snaps a ton of Lois' pencils in half. I bet Lois' is writing some story for the school paper that Kara disapproves of.

The short ends with what is surely the mantra of the show.
"Know who you are!  Believe in yourself!"

I am glad this Supergirl seems so comfortable in her own skin.
And bring on the premiere!


Anonymous said...

I'm not comfortable either with Kara not getting along with Clark and Lois. I hope this is only the beginning, and they become closer through character development during the show.

I think a scene where Kara states glumly that "We had only each other, and then he foisted me on strangers. He doesn't get now what to tell me what I should do" would help understand why she is so angry and rebellious.

A scene in... "Meet Green Lantern"? where Jessica and Karen visit Kara suggests to me her angry front is an act.

Anyway... Lois, Jimmy, Hal and Barry are students? Lois is a student and Superman is a grown man? How does that work? Then again, we saw her working in the Planet. So is Lois a current or a former student?

I'm surprised that you didn't highlight Supergirl rescuing Batgirl and Babs tackle-hugging Kara. It looks like their friendship is being kept, which is good.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the narration was recorded in a very natural voice, like a casual documentary.

Oh, and it points out something complimentary about Supergirl's hair. Yeah, it's not bad. I think Zatanna wins in the hair department - has almost a Starfire thing happening.

Zatanna's backward spells really have to be read to be understood, otherwise they just sound like nonsense.


Anonymous said...

I'll tolerate a lot of variety in Supergirl's character especially outside the comics, as long as she is not dead...and expunged from reality.

Besides Batgirl sounds like a total hyper caffeinated hoot.