Friday, February 22, 2019

Vacation Staycation

Hey all!

This week I have been on vacation. No traveling to exotic locations. More like hanging out with the family and taking advantage of all the cool stuff locally.

It also has meant that I have had ample time to chill out with comics.

Figured it would be cool to share my comic nook, the Sanctum Sanctorum.

It is in a corner of the unfinished basement. But I love it. This is where the magic happens.

The cataloged collection are all in boxes on heavy steel shelves. There is no room for more boxes and there is no real room for more shelves. So hard to know what will happen when those boxes are filled. Maybe time to cull.

Behind on the floor are other boxes of loose comics, some roughly organized. Those are the 'readable' books, foldable, tattered, and loved. A nice rocker is there as well as a stand up lamp like in a mod 70s apartment.

Behind, on the studs, you'll see prior commissions and comic pages.

 That wall extends about 5 more feet to the right and is similarly filled. Those were the pre-sketch book days.

From the seat I face the 'work table'.

Books to file. Books to mail. Labels and stickers. Sketch covers waiting to be filled. This is where heavy lifting gets done.

When sitting in the seat, if you face left, you see a magazine rack that was being thrown out by the hospital that I loaded in my car.

Lots of TwoMorrows Back Issue magazines. Readable Wednesday Comics. Some old school Amazing Heroes and Comics Interview. Just a place to grab and read.

Now there is another section in the basement with the Supergirl figure collection and my trades. Maybe some day I'll show that side of the world.

The house is a busy place. I am thrilled to have my little 10ft x 10ft corner of heaven that is all mine.

One day, when the place is less busy, maybe I'll finish it. Or move to a main level.


John (somewhere in England) said...

After reading your review I decided to buy a copy of Supergirl Is Patient. I think the book's great and it has found a prominent place in my own "corner of heaven".

Anonymous said...

That's an impressive geek den.

"So hard to know what will happen when those boxes are filled. Maybe time to cull."

Lack of space. The bane of every collector.

I know you aren't fond of digital comics, but maybe in the future you'll have to consider to keep your most cherished and/or favorite physical issues and trades, and cull the rest, replacing them with digital issues when possible.

I know it may sound heretical, but paraphrasing the Tick, "Room is a harsh mistress".

Anonymous said...

Nice "Man Cave"..respect!
I've been culling my collection for the past few months, trying to get things down to a manageable level, its an ongoing process.


Anonymous said...

Nice setup. Love your commissions.

I approve of the post-it approach to box management. It's very flexible. I have trouble filing crossovers and keeping track of titles where some is floppy, some is in trades, and some is digital.

I wonder if there is a speciality of Library Science, "Comic Book Dewey Decimal System" or something.

I've ballooned to 14 boxes over the last year and it's gotten way out of hand. Definitely time to prune. My biggest "problem" is owning every single Buffy, Angel, Spike, Willow, Giles, Jonathan, Illyria etc. series, mini-series and one-shot since the earliest days of non-canon Dark Horse licensed Buffy that was published when the TV show was still airing. All the Dark Horse and IDW material including plenty that are obscure, stories buried in Dark Horse Presents or released as Wizard 1/2 books. Almost every variant cover. What am I going to do with all this? No idea. Grrr! Argggh!

So where's the high quality scanner that facilitates all the magic you do?


Daxam1978 said...

A superb collection!

KET said...

Pretty great set up you've got there. Definitely wish I had that much available space to 'work' with anymore.


Martin Gray said...

Thanks for the peek behind the curtain, Anj, I’m thrilled to see something very familiar on your magazine rack.

Thousands of the comics I grew up with are hopefully still at my Dad’s in England; sadly having a very moody younger brother who decided he’d bought them.., apparently he was a very advanced four-year-old - I cant be sure they’ve not been sold off/burnt. They may just have rotted away, I never get to see them!

The thousands of comics I accumulated over 20 years in Scotland have now gone to the charity shops, bar my Legion books and a couple of longboxes’ worth of favourites (including some treasures from your good self). It feels brilliant to know I’ve helped to the tune of a few thousand quid... I almost kept the super-rare Elseworlds DC 80pp Giant, but why hang onto it when i could do a bit of good by passing it on? I’ve replaced many of the lost comics via ComiXology sales, and have loads of trades and coffee table books - the best thing about not having all those old books I was basically hoarding is the lifting of the mental weight. And it’s not like the glossy paper of the last few years gives off that brilliant old comics smell!

Anonymous said...

> Lack of space. The bane of every collector.

+9000 to that. The Corollary of that being "The (nonunderstanding) roommate / SO.

BTW, the 2nd photo Anj, is that Betty from Archie Comics dressed as Supergirl? If so, NICE!


Anj said...

Thanks for comments.
I’d like ve for the room to have walls and flooring. But at least I have a spot.

I have purged in the past so some of these comics might go away to a good home.

And yes, it is Betty.

Anonymous said...

> And yes, it is Betty.

Thanks for answering that, Anj. Love to see a closer pic of it someday... "Alternate Supergirls" as a blog post?