Thursday, December 6, 2018

Steve Rude On Supergirl ... What Might Have Been

Thanks to blog friend Jon Francis for pointing out a juicy little tidbit about one of my favorite artists, Steve Rude, and Supergirl.

In TwoMorrow's Comic Book Creator #18, Rude discusses what sounds like a near miss for being on the Supergirl title in some role. Whether it was regular artist, fill in artist, or cover artist, we almost had a Rude awakening on the book. But I guess it wasn't meant to be.

It's a shame because Rude has a clean style that I love. There is a classic feel to his stuff, timeless and beautuful.

In an article aptly called 'DC: Hello, Goodbye ... ', Rude talks about a this possible assignment.

As you can tell by the title, it ends with Rude saying goodbye to DC.

So Rude was offered Supergirl by editor Jessica Chen.


This article is a bit of a diatribe.

Rude doesn't necessarily say why he didn't take the job. But he does talk about how copyright law and/or lawyers screening his work for anything legally impermissible seemed to irk him.

Now I don't know what he planned to have in the art. But this concept seems to be what forced Rude off the book. He decided to leave. I think he even takes a bit of a sideswipe at the 'Bendis is Coming' ads because he says he left before Bleeding Cool could post 'The Dude Returns' ads. Amusing.

I respect an artist's integrity to his vision and his work. I guess if this didn't work for Rude, he should leave ... even if that leaves me wanting.

There is another piece later in the book where the interviewer spies a Supergirl painting on Rude's table. Sounds like he was gearing up for the assignment, perhaps for interiors.

Amazing. Give me a one shot or an annual!

Just in case people haven't seen it (and for those who have, it's worth another look), here is my Steve Rude commission from the 2010 Boston Comic Con.

Ah well, we get Kevin Maguire and Doc Shaner. Things are pretty good. But I guess I'll chalk this up as 'what might have been'.


Anonymous said...

A pity. I'd like seeing him draw Supergirl regularly. He has a very nice style, and his AC #1000 cover was great. Unfortunately he seems frustrated with DC.

I can't complain about Maguire and Shaner, though.

Jon Francis said...

Reading the article, it seems that there were just some nit-picky (to Rude) things that DC insisted on that caused him to decline the assignment.

An entry on Rude's Facebook page mentions DC making changes in his art without consulting him. All of this is probably par for the course for a monthly comic, but something that Rude did not want to deal with.

Oh, well. That Supergirl commission is fantastic.