Thursday, May 10, 2018

Teen Titans Go! Supergirl

 I have been watching  Teen Titans Go! the series since its inception.

It is bananas. It is a strange, addled, mind-boggling look at the DCU through a haze of sarcasm and lunacy. I have seen episodes which embrace criticism of the proper DCU, episodes where the characters die of old age, episodes based around farting, to ones where they get gritty in response to fan complaints, and just about everything in between.

Yes, I take my comics and comic characters very seriously. Maybe too seriously.

But Teen Titans Go! is a wickedly guilty pleasure, one I routinely laugh out loud at.

So when they announced Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, I was pretty stoked. After remaining on the landscape for five irreverent years, it deserves some big screen time.

One thing that has always stood out to me is that despite the wealth of DC characters who have appeared, we hadn't seen Supergirl before.

Before now that is.

It's brief and a 'blink and you'll miss her' moment but Supergirl appears in the second trailer for the movie.

She looks all glam at a movie premiere.

And she definitely uses a bump-it in her hair.

I doubt she'll be in the actual movie which seems quite intent on taking jabs at the JLA rather than bringing in more teens.

But there she is, sitting next to Babs, in the theater.

Of course the World's Finest duo would be hanging outl.

And another shot.

I think Teen Titans Go! is relatively polarizing.

For me I love it. And seeing a version of Supergirl in this style makes me love it just a little more!


Anonymous said...

It was about time!

She looks all glam, indeed. I was wondering what it was with those giant diamond earrings.

Or that color-reversed costume: blue cloak and red shirt? Interesting.

I also love she and Batgirl are sitting together. I want the comics to develop their relationship. Until then, I'm glad to see it cemented in other media (in fact, I'm semi-convinced that Kara and Babs are besties in DCSHG because Shea Fontana is a Batgirl fan who watched Batman TAS back in the 90's)

I guess her appearance will amount to a blink-and-you'll-miss cameo; but hey, at least she's there.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but have you read Wonder Woman #46? Supergirl makes an appearance right at the end. Unfortunately, it's the trite "Heroes fighting each other" trope which I'm tired of.

Am I the only one who finds puzzling how Supergirl seems to be everywhere right after losing her solo?

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention WW #46 but try to avoid spoilers on the one hand while also not wanting to imply by my reserve that you should have very high hopes. This is as good a place as any to chime in since you mentioned it.

The appearance is brief and the characterization is - well, she’s not a happy camper. Possibly temporarily insane, but such things are often over-done for effect and then moderated in the immediate next story beat.

So far, at least, her costume is not black :).

From the look of things there will be a longer appearance in #47, and Supergirl is on the cover in #48. That upcoming cover is how I knew to pick up this 4-part arc starting in #46, “The Dark Gods.”

Anj said...

Yes, read Wonder Woman.

Yes, more to come from me on it.

Anonymous said...

Glad Teen Titans GO! gave Kara a glam look to her with her diamond earrings and such. But let me tell you something...I HATE THAT SHOW. It's written for juvenile delinquents. And it's theme sounds like K-pop trash!

Frankly between that and DC Super Hero Girls, which besides gives our Kara more of a presence, I'd rather get my cape on.

Anonymous said...

While I do watch teen titans when it happens to be on, I realize I only put up with it due to the presence of my beloved comic book characters. The art is bad, the screaming dialog is almost unbearable and the jokes are on a beavis and butthead level.

Having said that, every presence of Kara and Babs together make me happy. Will I see Teen Titans go to the movies? As always with everything teen titans for me:

If it happens to be on - Yes

But I will not go looking for it.


My thoughts on WW46:

This would have been better if they had laid the groundwork for a Supergirl/Rao conflict earlier. We haven't really seen Kara's relation to religion in this iteration of her, so this comes out of the blue for me. Wonder Woman on the other hand seem like a perfect candidate herself for having a messed up relation to her gods.

Anyway, this is WWs book. She needed a powerhouse to fight so I'll buy it. I do expect that Kara will end up being part of the solution now though and not end up solely as a temporary "villain". While I don't necessarily see WW as one of Kara's BFFs, it would be healthy for them to have a good relationship as Kara to some degree is inspired by WW even if the feelings might not be mutual. Having Kara only being a thorn for WW in three issues wouldn't be beneficial to the universe in my opinion, but I have good hopes that this mini series will end up being something that generates in a deeper friendship between the strongest girls in the universe.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I fully agree with putting my cape on too.

DCSHG is pure joy beamed right into the soul. It is everything in life that puts a smile on the face. It is colors, puppies, kittens and rainbows.

Every time I read it or watch it, it awakens a part of me that I really love, something innocent that believes in the world and people, something that 4 decades of real life world problems have tried its best to bury in a dark shell of cynisism. I hope it will stick around forever and make my life brighter.

Shea and Agnes deserves all the love for the joy the bring to comics.

Anonymous said...

I think Wonder Woman has usually been a mentor to Supergirl.

In this case I don't think it's a conflict with Rao, but rather that everyone is losing faith in their old gods. At least -- that's what I remember. I have to reread it.

James Robinson handled a different kind of "dark Supergirl" well in his Justice League of America (2006) series - less angry than guilt-ridden. And she overcame it heroically with some help from Batman, Dr. Fate and the Watchtower medical bay (I think it was Dr. Fate?). So Robinson has handled the angry character decently before; let's hope he does so again.

It is interesting that Supergirl continues to appear in other titles, but not her own. If they wanted to clear the decks for Bendis, this is an odd and uncoordinated way to do it. On the other hand, Supergirl has not been named in any of the solicitations. Maybe being downplayed on purpose for now?

Anonymous said...

"but I have good hopes that this mini series will end up being something that generates a deeper friendship between the strongest girls in the universe."

Scratch that. I just read the solicitations, and this very much sounds like a miniseries of WW just beating stuff. I will wait for reviews before pulling. I am not really interested in Kara getting used as a punching bag if there is no sign of relationship development between her and WW coming out of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this "sighting of Supergirl," Anj. And yeah, the whole package deal -- Supergirl being there
at the premiere WITH Babs -- JUST TOO COOL!

And speaking of DCSHG, hope everyone's been keeping up to date as to the newest student to attend there... :D :D


Anonymous said...

Sure do. Girl with the Goth vibe :D

I love how they write Kara in that show.

Anonymous said...