Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Supergirl Curse of the Ancients

This news is somewhat stale. But sometimes that means people who missed it the first time around will see it! So why not post.

The second Jo Whittemore novel based on the Supergirl show was previewed over on Entertainment weekly a while back. That included a look at the cover as well as several pages of the text. Here is the link:

I reviewed the first novel Age Of Atlantis here and very much liked it. So I'll be glad when this one comes out. I love how much writer Jo Whittemore packs into the pages, from references to inside jokes to action. Even in the handful of pages that were previewed we get some fun.

I like how Kara talks about never going to Vancouver.
That is a meta-joke since the Supergirl show is taped in Vancouver.

In the first book, I was thrilled that the voices of the characters remained consistent with their show versions. Here, I love Winn's speech patterns. 'Judging judgery' is definitely something he would say. And I like that Whittemore is bringing back Lyra.

And a Japanese astronmer named Dr. Hoshi! Is there any doubt that Dr. Light is about to make an appearance in this universe??

Anyways, can't wait for the book to come out! Will be looking forward to it!

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Anonymous said...

It'll be great.

Wow. There're nearly so many Supergirl novels published like Superman ones.

Dr. Light's possible appearance and the "Curse of the Ancients" title get me intrigued. What can it possibly refer to? Eclipso fits as "ancient curse" isn't it? Or something related to Jason Blood/Etrigan?