Thursday, December 7, 2017

Supergirl On Justice League Action: The Goddess Must Be Crazy [REVISED]

A while back I posted about how it was clear that Supergirl would be coming to the always excellent Justice League Action cartoon.

Well it looks like we finally got there. Over on the Cartoon Network app, you can watch Justice League Action shorts and earlier this week I heard that Supergirl (voiced by Joanne Spracklen) finally made an appearance!!! Yay!!

I am thrilled Supergirl is in another show. I love her look, a sort of take on her show costume. And I liked this plot.

Initially I could only get images from a wonky way of screen capping the Cartoon Network App but the short is now on YouTube here:

The Goddess Must Be Crazy starts with a sparring session between Supergirl and Wonder Woman in the skies above Themyscira. In some ways, it reminded me of the Loeb/Turner Kara who spent some time training with the Amazons before revealing herself.

During the brawl we are reminded that Hippolyta has bolstered the defenses of the island with an anti-male spell.

This is a sword-and-shield battle and it is clear that Wonder Woman has the upper hand with this style of combat.

During the fight, Diana grabs Supergirl and throws her into a giant horse statue near the arena.

Kara's body smashes the outer shell of the hollow horse.

The two combatants thank each other for the workout.

I like seeing Diana as a sort of mentor for Supergirl, a 'cool aunt' or 'kick butt big sister'.

But the horse turns out to be a Trojan Horse of sorts.

Coming out of the statue is Felix Faust, all to eager to loot the place of it's magical artifacts.

A Trojan Horse on Themyscira? I like the idea. Classic.

But the anti-male spell is concerning for Faust. So what better way to lurk about than by possessing Supergirl.

Of course, this leads to the standard 'hero versus hero' brawl with the two most powerful women in the DCU slugging it out.

But Hippolyta's defensive spell is intact.

Diana lassos Kara and forces her to touch the ground.

And when that happens, we get some magic!

This whole thing looks so Dragon Ball Z! And that works for me! I am a fan of Dragon Ball and Diana is a sort of Saiyan on this show!

The island blows up around Kara and Felix Faust, a man, is ripped from Kara's body and flung from the island.

Great sequence with the explosion around Supergirl with the Faust exorcism done very well.

Nothing left but for Wonder Woman and Diana to be thrilled with the outcome.

I am glad that the first sighting of Kara is with Diana, showing the power of their friendship and to showcase the woman heroes on the team.

Again, sorry for the blurriness. The credits aren't on YouTube so you are stuck with the old version here.

Joanne Spracklen is the voice of Supergirl and she does a great job. And I have nothing but praise for Rachel Kimsey as Wonder Woman, probably my favorite character on the show.

Please support this show. It is an absolute treat!


Anonymous said...

Good chapter. I'm glad that we finally get a full-fledged appearance rather a short cameo.

A pity the cartoon-makers went with the "possessed Kryptonian angle". I'm tired of Superman and Supergirl being turned evil or crazy, brainwashed or possessed.

I'll try to focus on the fact the episode featured Diana and Kara in good terms. A good thing Loeb did was getting Wonder Woman playing Supergirl's adult female role model and trainer.

Anonymous said...

Finally... FINALLY supergirl shows up on Justice League Action!! On one hand I'm so happy! On the other,
"took them long enough!" Reminds me of DCSHG and how Supergirl was shown, but she didn't officially show
up till Season 2. Will have to check out this episode... thanks for pointing this out Anj! Sounds like
the wait was worth it!


Anonymous said...

This fun little toon is on YouTube by the way. And Supergirl is kind of sexy...but one complaint...her cape is a bit short.

Wonder Woman comes off as confident, smart and quick with a quip in addition to her beauty.

It's so awesome to see Supergirl training with "big sis Diana" though I never thought I'd see the day she'd need a shield and sword.

Anonymous said...

Nice episode considering the short format. I can't wait til she gets a proper episode. I would like to see her teamup with Stargirl next.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I felt she got "jobbed out" just to make Wonder Woman more awesome...and given Kara's "I don't kill them I just smack em' around a bit" rule not sure what good learning to sword fight would be to her....but, I grow lyrical nice to see Supergirl in animated action, lets have more says JF.

Anonymous said...

"Nice episode considering the short format. I can't wait til she gets a proper episode."

Technically there're two "JLA" series: the proper episodes broadcast on CN and special shorts which areYouTube exclusive. "The Goddess Must Be Crazy" is a short. Superman and Supergirl star in regular TV episode "Keeping up with the Kryptonians".

"Yeah I felt she got "jobbed out" just to make Wonder Woman more awesome..."

Well, Ame-Comic got Diana mocking and smacking Kara around. She's treated a bit more respectfully here. So... Yay?

"and given Kara's "I don't kill them I just smack em' around a bit" rule not sure what good learning to sword fight would be to her..."

For situations where she is depowered but there's a sword lying around (No one says she has to cut them in half after defeating them). Kara getting hand-to-hand and armed combat training can only be a good thing.

Unless you're Reactron.

Anj, the show credited Binder and Plastino with Supergirl's creation? Or they used the old "based on characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster" line?

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on the "Keeping up with the Kryptonians" episode that someone mentioned above. Is this brand new? It's very, very funny. It's on my cable's On Demand, Kids section, Justice League Action show. It must be brand new - Wikipedia shows it as episode 50, air date "TBA" - the last episode they show that aired is #46 on December 2 (2017).

End credits are very quick, but I made a video so I could step - Andrew Kreisberg has co-story and co-script credit.

The only info at IMDB is that Joanne Spracklen is the voice of Supergirl, same as in "Goddess." She sounds to me like Felicia Day. It's a better voice than in DC Super Hero Girls, where Supergirl somehow sounds like a smoker! Doesn't she?

This is 12 minutes of solid fun. It's seriously funny!

In sum, it starts in an alt-universe where alt-Kara grew up in Hollywood, is now a spoiled self-centered celebrity with her own reality TV show called "That's So Kara!", and has her own skin care line; while Superman grew up in a fictitious Soviet-style republic and is the secret weapon of the "conquering red menace" that is on the move.

A favorite moment is real-Kara holding up a cow that's on its way down from a Kansan tornado. This is no mere bovine rescue - she holds it for quite some time.

Alt-Kara has the same costume as Kara on "The Goddess Must be Crazy," except for a crop top. Which I guess in 2017 is shorthand for "kinda slutty." "Real" Kara is the one seen in "Goddess."

I look forward to your review and, somehow, screencaps. (If you are as limited as me, it means making a smartphone video, and then taking screencaps of that?)

And, I apologize if I've missed your discussion of this episode.