Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Free Comic Book Day 2017: DC Superhero Girls:Summer Olympus

I wasn't sure if I would be able to make Free Comic Book Day last Saturday but luckily I was able to leave work on time and hit the store before the doors close.

My story allows 2 free comics per customer and I decided on Dragon Ball Z and DC Superhero Girls. The  Superhero Girls book 'Summer Olympus' was written by Shea Fontana with art by Yancey Labat (the usual creative team). And, as usual, this was a lot of fun.

I am relatively certain that Summer Olympus is the next DCSHG graphic novel so this is probably the opening chapter. Similarly, last year's FCBD DCSHG book was the opening chapter of Finals Crisis. So this is a nice way to grab new readers and give them a taste of the bigger product.

I was definitely glad to get this because there are moments that should be shared and enjoyed!

On to the book!

The book opens with Wonder Woman and Bumblebee stopping the Double Dare Twins from stealing Silver St. Cloud's purses.

How amazing is it that a deep cut like Silver St. Cloud is appearing in an All Ages book! This makes me happy.

Amazingly, the whole town seems to be in a good place. All the villains are locked up and accounted for. The big threats are no where to be found.

With the semester over and the city safe, it means the girls can enjoy a summer vacation. It feels like this series has been going on so long that I forgot that this would be Kara's first summer vacation.

I like that there is this sense of accomplishment and camaraderie.

The campus is surprised to have a new super-speedster show up, Hermes!

She has brought Diana an invitation to join her father Zeus on Olympus for the summer.

Soooo ...

I am not a big fan of the 'daughter of Zeus', 'demigod' origin of Wonder Woman, a completely New 52 phenomenon. So I will admit I was pretty disappointed to see it brought in here. Can't that be forgotten like it seems to have been in the main book?

Maybe it will seem more natural here. Maybe?

Diana goes around to see if anyone wants to join her on Olympus but the only one available is Bumblebee.

Kara promised the Kents that she'd be there to help on the farm and she can't back out. And she is bringing a couple of more farm hands - Big Barda and Lady Shiva. What an interesting crew!

I would love to see some shots of the three of them doing chores. In particular, Barda has been played as a bit of a 'bull in a china shop' so I'd love to see what she is up to.

The book ends with a sort of Who's Who page for number of the main characters including Supergirl.

I like this brief look at Kara, labeling her as sweet, innocent, and optimistic. Again, she is a bit naive to Earth culture and her powers, so that makes sense.

They list invincibility as a power, a contrast to Wonder Woman's 'near invincibility'. It is a small way of connoting raw strength. Diana is clearly the leader.

I have said how much I love DCSHG in the past. It is great fun! And I love that this was one of the books DC decided to promote on Free Comic Book Day.


Anonymous said...

I used to watch Dragon Ball Z religiously, although I started off with the original Dragon Ball unlike all those kids that must get off my lawn. Get off my lawn, I told!

That triple hug is adorable.

I admit I'm not a big Wonder Woman fan. Was she also made from clay in the original Marston's run?

"Can't that be forgotten like it seems to have been in the main book?"

I don't understand the whys or hows, but comic-book writers are notoriously unable to let some ideas go; in such a way that bad stories don't die, and good stories are run into the ground and ruined. Exhibit A: Spider-Man's Clone Saga. Exibit B: X-Men's Dark Phoenix Saga. Exhibit C: Supergirl's father is evil.

I love how close Kara is to the Kents in this continuity. I don't like when she is absent from the Superman books. Supergirl needs her own supporting cast but she is still a member of Superman's supporting cast and must interact with Lois, Jimmy, Lana, the Kents...

Supergirl being "invincible" and Wonder Woman being "nearly invincible" works for me. In my mind, Supergirl is more powerful and Diana is a better warrior.

The DCSHG comics aren't great comics, but they are light-hearted all-ages fun, like comics used to be.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anj, thanks for sharing and glad you were able to get this little gem. I can't wait till the full book comes out,
and it's a nice little tease as to what to look forward to. My personal complaint is that out of everyone Wonder Woman
asked, only Bumblebee was able to join her on Mt Olympus, though it did put a smile on my face to see Wonder Woman try
even Miss Martian and Starfire as well -- two characters I'd love to see more of, but seem to be relegated to 2ndary
1line characters.

The Barda/Supergirl/Shiva scene is a direct nod / link to Super Hero of the Year video... the "mashed potatoes and top
bunk" comments cracked me up! Hope one day you get to obtain and watch that, Anj!

I'll repeat again, LOVE what Shea Fontana and co are doing, and whatever TPTB over at DC are letting her do, KEEP DOING IT!

DC Superhero Girls is just one of those rare confluences where people get to do what they want with a property, but do
it in the right way that you can enjoy it, no matter how old or young, casual fan or hardcore fanatic you may be.


Anonymous said...

"DC Superhero Girls is just one of those rare confluences where people get to do what they want with a property, but do it in the right way that you can enjoy it, no matter how old or young, casual fan or hardcore fanatic you may be."

On that I am in total agreemwnt. DCSHG treats SG as a fun, loveable, adorable, a bit naive, but yet powerful character, like what was in season one of the Supergirl TV show and unlike season 2. I hope TPTB bring back that season and do a 75% cut in politics for season 3 of the live action.

As for DCSHG, it's still it seems to me is fun, light entertainment with heart and humor. I am a fan of this series because it reminds me of Superfriends believe it or not, only w/o The Wonder Twins and safety lessons. The theme song is pop sugar but infectious as well. It appeals to kids and the kid in us. Anything over Teen Titans GO!

Oh, and Chyler Leigh of the TV show is a BIG fan of DCSHG. On David Harewood's Instagram he posted a video of Kevin Smith from then he was doing I think his second SG episode, and he had those mini DCSHG Supergirls to hand out. And Chyler is like "COME TO MAMA!" She has a lot of the toys for her two daughters. I posted the video to DCSHG's Facebook page and they liked it. So you see, Supergirl is spreading the love.

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for DC to pull the trigger on an all - up animated series, the shorts are great the graphic novels delightful, but a half tv show (whatever the platform) is a must IMHO....

Here at least they are doing the right thing in style, hooking in new readers with good stories about the right characters, how often does this ever go down....