Monday, January 9, 2017

Injustice 2 Upgrades

During the holiday season, another preview of Supergirl in Injustice 2 video game aired here:

As I have said before, I am not a gamer. I used to be but adult life simply means I can't devote the time to video games that I used to. (Maybe if I didn't blog so much?) But seeing snippets like this always tempt me. Maybe some of my buddies who are more active in gaming can be lured into playing.

The graphics here are incredibly good, even better than the early images we saw in the prior  Injustice 2 preview.

It starts with this new costume with the sleeveless shirt and the gladiator shoulder pads. This is Injustice, a brutal fighting game. Having a costume that resembles in some ways a warrior or even a professional wrestler makes sense. The face and expressions are fantastic. She looks young and vibrant and close enough to real to make her shine.

But it is the powers that were the real lure.

Yes, she has standard stuff like flight, super-strength (she chucks a dumpster at some point), and heat vision blasts.

And those all look good.

But she also has a power bomb move where she grabs her opponent, flies up, and delivers the slam.

Supergirl power bombing supervillains! Fantastic.

She also has a cyclone effect attack where she spins to create a tornado that batters her opponent. I like that one as well.

She can teleport from the one side of the screen to the other a la Scorpion in Mortal Kombat.

But I especially like the fact she can walk while using a mega-heat vision blast. It just reminds me of similar effects we have seen on the show, like when Kara burned herself out blasting Red Tornado.

This looks awesome.

She even has a 'Finish Him!' sort of move (sorry for dating myself with the Mortal Kombat references. I'm old).

We get this close up of her as she seems to focus her powers. It is a fierce looking Kara screaming in rage.

Then she grabs her opponent, flies them into space, and flings them back to Earth.

That alone would be pretty freaking spectacular.

But she follows it up by blasting meteors down onto her fallen opponent.

That is cool.

So if anyone out there actually ends up playing this, please let me know if actual play stands up to the hype. This looks like it would be a ton of fun.


Anonymous said...

The graphics have definitely improved. I like it.

Her costume's shoulder pads remind me of her Eighties outfit, and the pants of her "Elseworld's Finest" suit. I wonder how many outfits and gear she will get. I think a Power Girl outfit has been confirmed. I hope for her original Silver Age, Bronze Age, Matrix, DC Animated and Red Lantern suits.

I have heard she will play on both sides. Given several bits of dialogue I believe Kara will find Diana, Wonder Woman will lie to her about the events of the first game, and Kara will join Regime Superman until she discovers the truth and turns on him. Should -should- it be true, I'll not be happy about Supergirl being duped by villains -again- and fighting her cousin, but let's hope maybe she manages to make Clark listen to reason.

Of course, a bunch of fanboys have decried Kara's presence, stating that "It should be PG instead of SG because PG has bigger boo- I mean, a better personality", "Supergirl is a waste of space because she will play right like Superman!" or "She is a playable character because of her show, that is the only reason!"

[sarcasm]Yes, I'm sure that the fact she is one of the most important characters of one of the most important comic-book series is not a factor at all.[/sarcasm]

The "Character A mustn't be a fighter because he/she will play right like Character B" complaints are funny because they usually are a cover-up used by disgruntled members of every fighting game fandom. The complainer just doesn't like/care for Character A but he wants to pretend his reasons are legit and objective rather than admitting the truth, hence he spouts that nonsense. Counter it with "Character C and Character B have the same powers, skills and gadgets but play differently", and the complainer will unfailingly claim "That is completely different! Of course they would not be clones!"

Anyway, Supergirl's changes and gameplay seem to be getting positive reactions in message boards. Some people claim they cann't wait to use her. That's good.

Moving on. I'm thrilled with Kara being a playable character in a high-profile fighting game. Between it, the announcement of "Supergirl" being renewed for Season three and Supergirl making an appearance in Justice League Action (I was worried about her being missing), I'm feeling reasonably optimistic.

"I used to be but adult life simply means I can't devote the time to video games that I used to. (Maybe if I didn't blog so much?)"

B-b-b-but then we wouldn't have your daily posts to look forward to!

"She even has a 'Finish Him!' sort of move (sorry for dating myself with the Mortal Kombat references. I'm old)."

Don't apologize for it. I was in my early teens when MK came out. :P

Supertorresmo said...

"She even has a 'Finish Him!' sort of move (sorry for dating myself with the Mortal Kombat references. I'm old)."

Not really a dated thing, Mortal Kombat is still out there (more recent iteration is Mortal Kombat X), and the finish appearance is not a coincidence, the people working on this game are the same ones that did the latest Mortal Kombat games.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the rationale of the character (re)design, but since you mentioned Supergirl being on Injustice 2, I've
been walking around with a stupid grin on my face since :) :) Story-wise, and from what I read happened in
Injustice 1, I'd have to agree with 1st Anon how her role will play out... the tired trope of the Supercousins
fighting one another, Le Sighs. But if she is the one to bring Kal back from the Dark Side, I'm all for it!