Friday, April 29, 2016

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary Is Eight Years Old

All The Eights
Eight years ago I started a blog about Supergirl. 2.8 million page hits later I am still blogging about her.

It started out as a dalliance. I needed a creative outlet for when life got stressful. And I wanted to let the world know about how cool I thought Supergirl was, especially since she was mired in some dreadful stories.

I didn't think it would end up being this long a journey.

It is amazing for me to look at the changes we have seen in this character over the course of my blogging. In comics, this blog has been around long enough to see two different DC continuities and therefore two different Supergirls.

Another continuity/version is around the #Rebirth corner. I have seen rehabilitation, darkening, and re-rehabilitation of the character. The new Steve Orlando/Brian Ching book sounds like it is going to be a great interpretation from the get-go.

Over these years, I have seen her in animated features like Super Best Friends Forever, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, and Superman Unbound. Now she seems to be a headliner in the DC Superhero Girls series.

And the biggest news of the year? Well, now I have seen her as the star of a television show.

Suddenly, Supergirl is something of a household name. There are now numerous websites, podcasts, and Twitter accounts devoted to her. People are talking about her and not as the butt of jokes, not as a reference for perceived irrelevance, not as an outdated character. They are talking about how important she is to comics and pop culture.

And I'm thrilled. She is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

As always, I'd like to thank everyone who visits here, reads my (overly) long blog entries, and joins in the conversation. I'm glad people feel they can come here to talk about Supergirl in all her incarnations and in all forms of media. I don't think I'd still be doing this if it weren't for the Supergirl community that checks in.

The only major change that happened over this year on the site is that I cut back from posting 6 days a week to 5. As of now, I don't have any major plans for the site over the next year. I'll continue to review books, look back at Supergirl's history, cover her appearances in all media, and continue to talk comics in general. If anyone has any suggestions or things they'd like to see me try here, please let me know! I know that I still have to do a review of the Helen Slater film ... how have I not done that yet!

Anyways, happy anniversary and thanks again for stopping by!


Martin Gray said...

Happy Anniversary! It's been tough to be a fan sometimes but you've hung in there, pointing out the best and bemoaning the worst, always with fairness and charm. And now we're at something of a golden period for the Maid of Might. Kara would be proud.

collectededitions said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations!

Godzylla said...

Happy anniversary to a fun blog and a great guy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, best site on the internet for Supergirl chat across the board....glad you've stuck with it.


Uncle Screensaver said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary!
When I first found your blog I was ecstatic to find someone else who loved Supergirl and Kara as much as I did, I wasn't quite an anomaly as I thought!
I'm so happy there's someone who has made a mark and has a big voice for Supergirl! Here's to many more anniversaries!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! And happy indeed Supergirl's finally getting the recognition she deserves! :)
I too stumbled on this blog by accident, but appreciate your views, both positive and negative,
and how eloquently you're able to articulate them Anj. Here's to many more anniversaries, and
to our favorite Kryptonian Super Heroine!

> I know that I still have to do a review of the Helen Slater film ... how have I not done that yet!

:) Hope you get some time to post a review in the (near) future.


William Ashley Vaughan said...

Congratulations on eight terrific years.

KET said...

Happy Anniversary, and keep up the good work!


Anj said...

Thanks everyone!

So much fun to talk to Supergirl fans here!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary on a well deserved 8 years of blogging, reviews and opinions on Supergirl and the Superman Family! Although I started reading this to catch up on stuff I was missing, your knowledge, passion and understanding of comic books have kept me here for several years. You've kept a steady reminder of what the Super-Family, and indeed superheroes are supposed to be like, and I look forward to continue to follow your blog for years to come.


Anonymous said...

I only discovered this blog, and Supergirl, a few years ago. I was one of the seeming few who jumped onto DC during the Nu52, although my first introduction to superheroes was with the cartoons as a kid. I really enjoyed the comics and I stumbled upon this blog as I was looking for more information, reviews, and a community of people who were also interested in discussing the characters. I've discovered a lot about the character here, and I love your reviews, which I've used to decide whether or not to pick up some of the Super-Family Books!
Thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to Supergirl's return to the comics.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations!

I discovered this blog a short while ago, and I check it daily since then. It is packed with interesting content and analysis. And it has increased my love for Supergirl and the Super-family.

Thanks you for creating such a great blog and keep up the good work!