Thursday, March 3, 2016

Supergirl Shrine: Itty Bitty Supergirl

Hat tip to my buddy Uncle Screensaver for tipping me off that Hallmark came out with a limited edition Supergirl Itty Bitty.

Itty Bitty's are small plushy figures of pop culture figures and there have been plenty of DC Heroes as part of the series. But I am glad to see Supergirl finally immortalized as an itty bitty, most likely because of her heightened popularity with the TV show.

I think this is wonderful little figure in the red skirt costume. It is close enough to the television costume to be appealing to those fans as well.

Of course, it has a nice little cape.

And that hair! So poofy!

This isn't my first foray into Itty Bitty's. The Supergirls at home have given me a few in the past for gifts.

They know me so well. The three characters they have got me are Superman, Batman, and Ariel the Little Mermaid. All big favorites of mine.

That's right ... I said the Little Mermaid is a favorite of mine.

But Supergirl belongs to the Supergirl collection.

She is so cute I think I'll put her in the 'Silver Age' section even though she is wearing a Matrix-y style costume.

Given the upcoming deluge of merchandise, I'll probably have to do a complete shrine update in the summer.


Uncle Screensaver said...

Aw, thanks. I'm happy you found one and enjoy her. I'm here to help spread the <3 of Supergirl! :) I think it's possibly the cutest Sg out there, at least merchandise wise. :D

KET said...

I love my itty bitty SG, too...always looks so happy to be around. :)


Anonymous said...

I have mine as well. She is so cute. They also make big versions of Itty Bittys like Superman. I hope Hallmark makes a big one of SG.