Monday, February 4, 2013

Bullet Points And Old News

There has been lots of smaller news items which came out last week, maybe not warranting their own whole post but worth recapitulating here.

I was thrilled when I saw this first 'official' picture of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in the upcoming Man of Steel movie. This pic was posted on Here is the link:

I will fully admit that I am an Amy Adams fan. But even I was unsure if she was right for Lois. I saw this picture and thought that it just resonated 'Lois'. Even the brief holding of Superman's hand in the preview felt right.

My excitement for this movie is slowly building.

I recently posted some new Mike Maihack commissions of Supergirl and Batgirl. It looks like Maihack wasn't done as he posted a third SG/BG commission on his site here:

I absolutely love these things. One thing that is clear, for Maihack, Supergirl is filled with joy. She is always smiling, always happy, always helping. Even when Batgirl is all business, Kara is smiling.

Great stuff here.

Just after Superman #16 hit the racks, DC was offering a sneak peek at some of Kenneth Rocafort's interior art for Superman #17, the end of the H'El on Earth arc. Here is the link:

It looks to be all outer space Oracle fighting. H'El is no where to be seen. There is no denying that the art is beautiful.

And then this abomination.

The gatefold covers coming up on DC titles are going to be labeled 'WTF Certified'. Here is the announcement:

Now I know that I am decades removed from being hip or cool. But doesn't the 'WTF' label seem like a desperate ploy by DC to be hip or cool. And doesn't that actually make them less hip? Move them farther away from cool? It just seems asinine.

I am going to feel like an idiot picking these books up.


Martin Gray said...

Yeah, the WTF branding ie embarrassing any way you look at it.

Kent G. Hare said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. Juvenile is how I would describe it.

Manu said...

When I saw the pic of Amy, I felt like that :

lol... :) )

valerie21601 said...

I noticed DC doesn't say who Certified these issues.

I wonder if the old Comic Code Authority is still around and was used for this stunt? ;)

Gene said...

I've been going WTF about DC ever since they took Sterling Gates off Supergirl's book.

valerie21601 said...

Hey Anj,

My sister claims Lois Lane officially has had three or more different hair colors over the years, black, auburn and blonde.

I know Lois has had only one hair color through out the years.

Short of an imaginary or elsewhere tale I can't think of another hair color Lois has had.

Who is right? If you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

A kid's at a comic shop with his dad, and he asks, "Daddy, what does WTF mean?" What a great way to win over a new generation of readers, DC.

Anonymous said...

My Ghod DC is a desperate outfit these days isn't it?


Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments and making me feel not so stodgy for thinking the WTF thing is ludicrous.

Val, I have only known Lois with black hair.

Martin Gray said...

Lois's hair was brown in Byrne's Man of Steel and for years afterwards. Annoying.

If memory serves she dyed it black in a Jeph Loeb Superman issue involving vampires ...

I also have a vague memory of early post-crisis Lois having more realistic black hair, with the blue highlights being more like grey lowlights. Can't find a pic, though!

I've only ever seen Lois blonde when in disguise. Perhaps someone's confusing her with Lucy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to jump in but you are actually all incorrect about Lois's hair. :)

Lois has history as a red-head.

Noel Neill, the woman who played Lois for years in the 1950's in the original Adventures of Superman show, had red hair. Like Lucille Ball red hair. She also had red hair in the original Sunday comics.

Lois had red hair in the early 90's. She had red hair in the Adventures of Superman story, through the engagement and through the early part of their marriage.

It's then mentioned that she dyes her hair black.

Erica Durance had blond hair when he first appeared on Smallville and then auburn hair later. She dyed her hair dark brown later in the show.

Lois had blond hair in the Son of Superman story that took places years in the future when she and Clark had a son.

She also had red hair in "Superman Where is Thy Sting."

Lastly. Joanne Siegel--the woman who inspired Lois Lane---was a red head. :)

So yeah...she has history as a redhead.


Martin Gray said...

Hmm, you may have a point if we assume the parameters of Valerie's question include TV, Audrey.

I do think, though, that 'officially' implies DC comics canon, which excludes imaginary stories, newspaper strips, TV versions and real-life inspirations.

And I did mention Lois dying her hair in the Nineties, but to my eyes it'd been brown, not red. In comics, redheads look like Lana Lang, Babs Gordon and Jean Grey.

Still, an excellent batch of info!