Thursday, August 18, 2011

Streaky In Grant Morrison's Animal Man

I have mentioned plenty of Streaky sightings on this blog over the course of the years. I am surprised that I hadn't posted this one before, a sighting I was reminded about recently.

In Grant Morrison's fantastic run on Animal Man, the multiple tweaked origins of Buddy Baker are explored, including some great fourth wall busting scenes where he comes to realize he might be a character in a comic book.

Part of the conclusion of Morrison's run was a showdown in Arkham Asylum where the Psycho Pirate is letting all the DC characters in limbo as well as some new incarnations of classic characters spill into continuity.

One of the first characters to materialize is Streaky. Here he is just forming from the mist, so I guess I can forgive the colorist showing him as a gray cat. As he 'streaks' away, we see the more classic orange hue complete with yellow lightning bolt.

I also love the original Owl Man, sort of phased out, trying to convince himself he exists.

Later we see Streaky taking matters into his own paws when it comes to dinner, burning open some cat food with his heat vision. It is this sort of craziness in the midst of some heavier metatextual stuff that makes me love Morrison's work.

Anyways, I could go on forever about Morrison's Animal Man. At one point all the characters realize they are ... well ... characters and try to break out of the book into the 'real world'.

This is just a small sample of that part of the story, Ultraman feeling a panel's edge and pushing through it.

Morrison's Animal Man run is collected in three trades and just mind-bending fantastic stuff. And you can't go wrong with Streaky getting some screen time.

For a more recent story where Morrison broke the fourth wall, I would highly recommend his Seven Soldiers:Zatanna mini-series which includes this fabulous ending. For a more in-depth look at this ending, I wrote about it on the DC Bloodlines blog here:

Will there be a Streaky in the DCnU? My instinct tells me 'no'.

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