Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DCUO Supergirl

A short time ago, I reviewed DC Universe Online Legends #9 noting that Supergirl was portrayed in her more classic Matrix style costume of red skirt and full blue shirt. Some folks including poster Azaketh clued me into the fact that that is not the costume that Supergirl wears in the game. Tracking alternate Supergirl costumes is something of a hobby.

Above is a picture of how Supergirl looks in the DCUO game, sporting the belly shirt as well as a red skirt. This is a combination that hasn't been used too much in the past.

If you look around the internet, you can see clips from the game. As described by Azaketh in their posts, Supergirl is something of a mini-boss in the game. You have to trick her to get close to either Kryptonite or a red sun cage to damage her. So ... yes ... you have to battle (rather than team up with) Supergirl when you play. Most of the clips are players trashing her since they want to show their skills.

I did like that Summer Glau provides her voice in the game, reprising the role from the Superman/Batman:Apocalypse movie.

But looking back at the costume design, here is the Supergirl DCUO production sheet. At least here, the costume is the same as in the comic. So I wonder where along the way the skirt changed colors.

I wonder if that change was known at the time the Terry Dodson Women of the DC Universe Supergirl bust was in production. This is the only other place I have seen the red skirt/belly shirt combination.

I also think it fascinating that DC is changing the costumes in the September relaunch so wildly. You would think they would want to streamline the look of their characters so people who play the game would know what to look for in the comic book store. Or maybe the comic readers would want to see the same costumes in the game. If DC wants to bring in new audiences, they should make it easy.

As always, I am not commenting on the portrayal of Supergirl in the game or book. Neither sounds particularly great.


Anonymous said...

I believe that in the game, you can choose to be a hero or a bad guy, so you could team up with her, if you went that route. I haven't played the game myself, but I think they made her tough enough that taking her out is difficult.

As far as the DC online game and comic book costumes, both are better than the new costume or the shorts under skirt costume. It would make way too much sense for DC to use that costume and try and attract some of the needed young gamer.audience.

I'm still hoping these changes are temporary and Black Canary and other female characters get their old looks back. I like the current Supergirl arc... DC had lost me alltogether during issues 20 -59. Supergirl #1 is the only revamped book I'm getting, and that one is on thin ice.

TalOs said...

The originally intended, Jim Lee, official, pictured, DCUO, MMO game's turn around model sheet particular depiction of Supergirl's face and belt they're distinctly Micheal Turner's style, however the specific hair, cape (more like a capete (i.e. short lengthed cape)), long sleeved belly shirt and yellow trim on boots - weren't those first done by Ale Garza upon his run? Also isn't that "dress" (more like only a wee bit bigger than usual sized handkerchief) with yellow trim originally the one which Ian Churchill first came up with upon the first post-'Dark Supergirl' aftermath arc's look too? :/

So basically Lee just ended up chopping and choosing existing artists who had either contributed (e.g. Turner) or worked on her title at one time or another particular depictions of Supergirl since her return proper which would result in best making a "sweet" visual looking Supergirl for the game and his only contributions was in deciding to opt to swap the Turner's style belt for Byrne's Matrix one, Garza's 'V' cut long sleeved belly shirt for Turner's, Churchill's blue with yellow trim dress for that of Byrne's Matrix one also? That's all he chose to do to come up with the game's finalized Supergirl look? I mean, really?? o_O

Anonymous said...

I haven't played the game but I hope that once you defeat her you can unlock different costumes.'I hate the fact that she's a boss and you'd have to battle against her tO do that, though, if it happens to be true. -ealperin

Underground Dude said...

Regarding DCUO the game. If you are a hero, you actually end up rescuing Supergirl from Dr. Psycho and free her from a sun cage.

Anonymous said...

Jobbed out to Dr. Psycho, (STEVE TREVOR could kick his ass for Rao's sake!), Supergirl's summer of humiliation continues.

John Feer

valerie21601 said...

Maybe it's only me, when it concerns the differences between the way DC handles Superman and Supergirl.

The details on Superman are handled quite carefully and is hero every time. (Unless it's Earth-3 or an Elsewhere Worlds story.) They take care in ensuring every detail fits in his character, his uniform, his personal life and in his continuity.

While Supergirl is haphazardly, carelessly handled by the same people. She is easily defeated too often, the writers don't consult with each other about keeping her looks consistent like in her main series she cuts her hair, in the JLA her hair is long. Dark Supergirl happens and no readers can figure out where it fits into her continuity. In her main series she comes to terms with New Krypton's destruction. But in JLA she comes to terms with it for the second time and in a different way and even then while she was Dark Supergirl.

This is why I am so worried about what is coming with the new Supergirl series coming in the near future.

Rick said...

I'm sorry I hate the skirt red when the top is cropped, too much red!

Jeff Kraschinski said...

I believe this red skirt/blue belly shirt combo may have first been used in the final season of Justice League Unlimited.