Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Preview Pages On The Source

Over on the DC blog, Matt Idelson touches on the near future for almost every super-title in some way. Here is the link:


I am a complete sucker for preview pages. I really love trying to figure out what exactly is going on given what I know about the current events of the title. Here are a couple of the pages Idelson posted there.

First off, a great Matt Camp page from Supergirl #49.

My guess is this is the beginning scene from the book where Lana collapses. I think it is interesting that on these black and white pages that the blood is already colored red. Lana must be running to catch a cab when her condition finally reaches that critical point and she drops. The shocked look on the doorman has to be followed by a splash page of Lana on the sidewalk hemorrhaging.

And just as fabulous is this Jamal Igle page from the double-sized Supergirl #50.

It looks like we finally have a General Lane and Lucy Lane reunion. We saw Superwoman return back in September's Annual but haven't seen much of her since. So I am glad that we are getting back to that dangling plot.

What's more, Superwoman doesn't necessarily look happy in that 4th panel. I wonder if her mind has come back 100% since her "death". An insane Superwoman would be a terrifying villain.

And while we get to see pages from World of New Krypton #11 and Superman #695, I had to post this page from Action Comics #885.

In the top left hand corner we see Dr. Light. And of course the bulk of the panel is Mon-El and the Science Police. So my guess is that the SciPo somehow detected all that Jax-Ur was doing to Chris and have come to investigate. I can't wait to see what comes of this interaction.

It looks like things are going to be exciting as the New Krypton storyline begins to wind down!

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TalOs said...

Man I just frickin adore the various art there! :D

Hmm so there's supposed to be yet another Superman Family themed mini as of next year eh? Wonder if it's gonna be DC surprisingly wanting to spot light Lois and possibly revive her own title proper again? :)