Friday, December 12, 2008

Wizard #207 - Justice League and Supergirl News

DC announced the new comic called Justice League back in the spring. A little later they announced the creative team of James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli. And near that time, they announced the roster - Green Lantern (Hal), Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, The Atom, Batwoman, Congorilla, Starman, and Supergirl. The feel of the book was one more of a pro-active Justice League, a team that acts not just react.

I was pretty excited for the book for a number of reasons, outside of just Kara being featured in a JL book. Robinson is a great writer. Cascioli is a fantastic writer. And Congorilla and the blue-skinned Starman !? Smelled a little like the Doom Patrol.

However, since the announcement, there has been little news and no solicitation. Most likely this has to do with the team maybe springing from the events of Final Crisis. Regradless, when the above Wizard cover hit the stands I purchased it hoping to get a sneak peek at the book.

Well, outside of the cover, this splash page, and a brief paragraph restating everything I said above, there was not much about the new book. Instead it featured a list of James Robinson's favorite Justice League and Brave and Bold issues from the Silver Age.

At first I was a bit upset for not learning or seeing anything that new. But then I just let my eyes drink in the Cascioli pictures. Here is Kara close up from both cover and splash page.

I think I used this term before in regards to Cascioli but his Supergirl is statuesque. I mean it, I would buy a Supergirl statue based on the cover pic of her. Hopefully there has been enough lead time that he has been able to get ahead. His art work is simply spectacular.

I also noted this little blurb in the Shop Talk mini-column. This usually promotes books that store owners think will be hot or books that there is a lot of store buzz about.

How great was it to see Supergirl get a plug! Any publicity is good publicity they say. Maybe this little piece will attract some new readers.

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TalOs said...

I truly can't wait to get this title next year! In having had said that though it seems such a shame that this particular issue of Wizard mag gave so little as to what we can expect from this spin-off title from JLoA. :/