Friday, November 28, 2008

Middleton On Supergirl #38

Over on his blog (, Josh Middleton posted the final cover for Supergirl #38, released in February. It has a much more cosmic appearing cover than the one seen on the DC Comics website.

Here is what he had to say about it:

Here is the cover to Supergirl issue 38. It is drawn in ink and colored in Photoshop. It grew increasingly colorful and "glowy" as I went along. When I started out, I rendered the background character (Superwoman) in natural light, with a lot of contrast and a fair amount of detail. Unfortunately, it looked like a Sears portrait, so I kept working on it. I knew what I wanted, something atmospheric and somewhat cosmic, but for whatever reason, I kept drawing a blank on how to do it. Eventually, with a lot of constructive criticism from my wife, I stumbled onto something that worked well enough.

My wife also had me reduce the size of Supergirl's left hand, which was originally rather large, although I didn't see it as the enormous baseball mitt that my wife did. Apparently, I tend to draw overly large hands with some regularity. I have also learned that I am inclined to draw gigantic heads. My wife claims that Supergirl's noggin on the cover of issue 35, the newspaper cover, is a good example of my pumpkin-headed tendencies.

Now that is an eye-catching cover. Even the cosmic effect has an almost supernatural feel to it. I mean, if I wasn't buying the title that cover would make me pause a second as I perused the racks. Isn't that what a cover artist is supposed to do!

And I love the look on Kara's face. It is almost as if the thought of Superwoman is dominating Kara's thoughts, like a danger on the horizon.

And it appears Superwoman's eyes are blue. Hmmm ... does that limit the guesses on her identity? Does it give more credence to my ridiculous 'Kara clone' theory?

I am really looking forward to this storyline.


Daniel said...

Wow... This cover is completely great. I love the bright colors, they match very well with Kara.

Heath Edwards said...

a very beautiful cover...

TalOs said...


Anonymous said...

Well Superwoman is clearly someone who wants Kara to painlessly retire....and i would say the list of suspects is as yet incomplete.
I still think it's Alura...we've already seen her withold vital info from her husband and daughter so duplicity is within her character.

John Feer

Anonymous said...

A Kara clone is an interesting idea, it would though cast her parents in a very harsh light indeed. Maybe it is all too much of a "Gwen Stacy version 2.0" as well.
But there is some precedent metaphoric and direct, for a while in the early 1960's Fred and Edna Danvers lived in Kandor with a Linda look-alike named "Dar-Lin" if you can believe it...and lets not forget the seven miniature Supergirl clones from the Daring New Adventures of Supergirl....

John Feer