Monday, September 11, 2023

DC Multiverse Figure From McFarlane Toys

I caught wind of a new Supergirl action figure on a number of sites last week so thought I would share here.

Made by McFarlane Toys and an exclusive (it seems) to Target stores, this is a Supergirl figure based on the DC Rebirth costume.

Given the more recent change of costume for the character, either the blue pantsuit of the Women of Tomorrow mini-series or the jacketed version of recent Action Comics run, I was pretty surprised to see this more 'classic' red mini-skirt look on a new toy.

Not that I am complaining! The red skirt version is my favorite costume. 

It was a little hard to get a solid feel for the figure given this sole image, the only one that had been released at first. No denying the solid sculpt of the head with a lot of detail noted on the hair. The cape in the pic seems to be cloth. I can't imagine that would be true of the actual figure. But a nice look overall.

Then I went to Toy News International and got a few other looks.

That site has a few more pics here:

I don't know if these are still prototype pictures. The figure isn't available for order or even on the Target site. 

Interesting that the 'boots' are basically the entire leg. I suppose that makes the manufacturing very easy. 

That's different from the 'high boot' of the actual Rebirth costume.

Still, I think this is a pretty solid looking figure and will be something I'll be looking to get once it is available.


  1. R u sure about that 'toynewsi' URL? The pics don't look the same ?

    This link looks exactly like your 1st pic:

    and the resolution is MUCH BETTER than your pic (1092K).

    Anyway, I went to Target today, but also didn't see it.

  2. If that does pop up at Target I might get it (depending on price). Wish they'd been a little less lazy with the boots and done the high cut like the pic, but we'll see. I'm most happy I was able to get a Melissa Benoist Supergirl statue with her flying for like under $40 a few years back at a Gamestop. Just love that one.

  3. Is this it?

  4. And then this news…


  5. I guess wish me luck finding one!